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How Used Cranes Might Be the Solution for You and How to Get One


Investing is one of those things that most of us will consider during our lifetime, since they are a really good way to make a profit in the long-term run, alleviating some of the burdens we have to carry throughout our lives.

When it comes to startups, we can talk about a wide variety of options that can generate a profit. Some people focus on technology and the development of hardware and software capable of solving different needs all around the world, while other startups might focus on providing specific services or the sale of products.

Among the many options available,  the latter alternatives are probably the most frequently favored ones because they are, often, much easier to manage since you only need to invest, and not create something from scratch.

Of course, a certain amount of knowledge, experience, and skills are needed to make an investment a successful one, and understanding the niche you are investing in is one of those necessary aspects.

Product stores that sell clothing, or contracting companies, are good examples of this. In this article, however, we will focus on a very specific type of contracting company (also commonly referred to as a service provider): Construction-focused companies, as well as discuss one tool that you might be needing if you decided to go for this type of investment… A crane.

Why Construction is a Good Investment

Consider this: Construction manpower and technology are always required, regardless of the place and time, and people are always looking to build new houses or renovate their already built homes as well.

In Tokyo, because of the way the city has been built, there’s a need to renovate several buildings and houses just because of how prompt Japan to suffering from earthquakes. Buildings need to be replaced or demolished for the sake of constructing new generation buildings that can last for longer, and endure natural disasters, for the sake of making the city a much safer environment.

As houses and similar constructions become older, they become more likely to suffer from damages that can greatly affect their structure, turning them into unlivable places. A construction service provider is capable of solving most of those problems, as long as the damages are not too deep or complicated.

Overall, construction services are always blooming, just because of the way society works. But at times, you might need certain tools and machinery equipment that are just too expensive to invest in, even more considering that, at times, you won’t probably use them. A good example of this equipment is cranes.

Cranes and Construction Sites

There are many different types of cranes, as showcased over here. Most of them are used for the sake of one particular objective: the relocation, placement, and removal of components inside a construction site.

Cranes are particularly useful during the construction of a house, the demolition of a building, and the renovation of certain components of a house, like a roof. Overall, as long as there’s a need to relocate very specific objects that would require the strength of several dozen of people, a crane will prove itself useful.

Overall, cranes are capable of reducing the risks suffered by construction workers just because they lift some responsibilities that can be rather dangerous, and it greatly enhances the performance as well as the speed of a project.

Most of the time, service providers that focus on construction will use mobile cranes, which are cranes placed on top of a vehicle similar to a truck, in which the crane can be operated smoothly.

The fact that the crane can be relocated as well makes it a much more viable option than other cranes, and of course, its price is a very big benefit as well, since, in comparison to more industrial cranes, they are much more affordable.

This comes with a disadvantage, though. A mobile crane is considerable weaker than an industrial crane, just because of its components and general structure. However, for most construction sites, they are more than enough.

With that said, what do you do when a crane is way too expensive to afford during the early stages of your startup? Considering possible solutions to a situation is one of the jobs of the owner of a company, and if you are dealing with a situation similar to this, you have two options.

Getting Your Hands on a Crane

First of all, consider this: a lot of tools that you will use, might not be needed in lots of situations, but they are indeed required for others. For example, if your company is in charge of renovating the doors, windows, and tile floors of a house, you won’t need a crane, but if you are in charge of replacing a whole roof, you might end up needing one.

For those situations, you have two options… Renting a crane, or buying a used one. Thankfully, you have multiple choices available, and relying on the used cranes by WH Scott. Lifting and other companies like it might be a very good way to go.

The great thing about doing this is that you will get your hands on a reliable crane that will be able to solve most of your problems, without having to spend a lot of money on it. A used crane might even cost 50% of the full price of a new one, and since they are well known for being rather durable pieces of machinery, you won’t have to worry most of the time.

Renting is also viable, just because you can get to use one without having to spend too much money on it, saving a lot of money in the process.

Of course, you should understand what to look for and what red flags should worry you, so having a specialist along your side when you are about to purchase a used crane comes a long way.

Thankfully, since this equipment is quite expensive and difficult to deal with, and it might even involve dangerous situations, most providers will grant a lot of information about their cranes, and at times, showcase them in action so the buyers rest at ease when purchasing them.


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