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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Deal


Whether you’ve been using the same smartphone for quite some time and it’s no longer performing as well as you need it to, you need a second smartphone for business, or you just can’t get on with your current phone and want to upgrade it, there are several reasons why you might be looking for a new handset. But as mobile handsets become more sophisticated and more expensive as a result, getting a new smartphone isn’t always the cheapest experience. No matter your reasons for needing or wanting a new smartphone handset, the good news is that there are several things that you can do to find the best deal and make sure that you’re getting the phone that you want at the best price.

Buy Refurbished

There are several benefits of buying a refurbished handset rather than getting one brand-new. For people who are conscious about their impact on the environment and want to reuse products as much as possible, this is the perfect option since it prevents otherwise perfectly useable phone handsets from going to landfill, along with reducing the demand for brand-new phones which in turn decreases factory production. Refurbished handsets can often be much cheaper compared to a brand-new phone, and you can get them in different condition grades from acceptable to pristine. Cheaper refurbished phones might have a couple of small signs of wear and tear, while you can pay more to get one that looks and feels just like a brand-new handset, but at a lower price. One of the common misconceptions about refurbished handsets is that they are always phones that have been damaged or broken in the past, but this isn’t always the case – in fact, sometimes simply having opened the packaging could mean that a handset counts as refurbished since it has already lost value.

Second-Hand Phones

There’s also a lot to be said for getting a better deal by purchasing a second-hand mobile phone handset. While this can be riskier compared to buying a refurbished handset since there is no option to get a warranty on your purchase, you can make up for that by purchasing an additional insurance policy to cover you if anything goes wrong. With new smartphone handsets released all the time, second-hand deals are easy to find as people upgrade their perfectly useable smartphones to the latest model and sell their old ones. If you want to buy a second-hand smartphone, take your time to check it out and make sure that it’s in good working condition before buying. It’s a wise idea to look for handsets that are being sold locally, since this gives you the chance to go and check out the phone in person and try it out before you buy to make sure that it’s in good working order.

SIM-Only Deals

Another way to save significant money, especially if you are buying a refurbished or second-hand mobile handset, is to opt for a SIM-only deal rather than a standard two-year contract. Unlike traditional contracts that you are tied into and also cover the cost of the phone at the time of purchase, a SIM-only deal means that you’re only paying for the minutes, texts and data that you use. Lebara offer various options; compare SIM only deals here to see how much you could save by taking this route. And, rather than being committed to paying a certain amount for your phone each month regardless of how much you use it, you can compare SIM only deals on a month-by-month basis, allowing you to increase or decrease your spend depending on what you need at that specific time. There’s no credit check needed to get started, making it ideal for customers who do not want their phone to affect their credit rating or may not pass a credit check otherwise. Lebara runs on the award-winning Vodafone network, so you can expect excellent service and signal too.

Cashback and Online Deals

Another great option to consider if you are looking to buy a new smartphone handset online is cash back and rewards sites. Options like Quidco and Topcashback will often work with mobile phone manufacturers, networks, and retailers to help you save money on your new handset by earning some cash back just for making the purchase. Sometimes, the cashback you earn can be very generous depending on the deal that you sign up for. You can earn cashback on purchasing refurbished or brand-new handsets, or even if you decide to purchase a second-hand phone from a site like eBay. And, you can save even more by making sure to go through the cashback site if you sign up to a SIM only deal to use with your new handset.

Spending Caps

No matter what kind of monthly plan you opt for, a spending cap is a useful way to ensure that you are not spending any more than you expect to on your smartphone each month. Many SIM-only deals are not only flexible and cheap, but they also come with an automatic spending cap so that there is no risk of you dealing with surprising costs each month. You’ll only be allowed to use what’s included in the monthly amount that you buy, meaning that you won’t end up with a bigger bill than you expected if you accidentally go over your minutes or data, or text a number that is not included in the rate you pay. Many will offer the option for you to stay in control of your spending by offering additional bundles that you can buy if you do need extra minutes, texts or data at any point during the month.

Review Your Needs

One of the best things about SIM-only plans is that they give you the option to change your bundle and pay more or less depending on what you need. If you’ve found yourself buying additional minutes or data for a couple of months in a row, you can easily upgrade to a bundle that offers more in order to make sure that you’re getting the best value for your money. On the other hand, if you finish the months with tons of minutes, texts and data left over, then you know you are paying more than you need to, and might benefit from moving to a lower package. Since you’re not tied in, you can easily do this on a month-by-month basis without any repercussions. This flexibility offers an ideal way to save money compared to being tied to paying the same price for two years regardless of how much you use. Today, smartphones are becoming more and more essential to our lives – and they are getting more expensive. While most of us need a smartphone in our daily life, most of us don’t want to pay a huge amount of money for one. If you need a new mobile handset and want to get the best value for the lowest price, the good news is that there are several options to consider to help you stay away from lengthy and expensive contracts, get great quality from your new tech and only spend as much as you need to when it comes to using your phone.


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