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Pipeline Line Stopping Services


Line stopping practices are standard in pipeline installations, where they help ensure the smooth operations of the production or distribution process. Line stops are commonly used to bar a section of a pipe, totally blocking out a segment to carry out repairs or new installations. 

Ideally, the moment you get a branch out from an operating channel, you will encounter spillages. And this is what a line stop aims to avoid. The loss of valuable production materials and forestall safety of the operating machine parts. 

Have problems with your channels? You will need the services of a pipeline line stopping company, and you want to go for the best service providers. The machine parts used in pipeline installations cost a fortune, and you want to preserve them at all costs. This includes during the course of repair and routine servicing.  

What to Know About Line Stop?

Experts employ different techniques if they intend to get it right. For starters, they will have to decide on the depth to cling on to the pipe and where to section it out from. It will be easy if the lines have been sectioned in the past. But for a new branch, utmost precision is required to hit the right spot. 

Damages along the pipelines could result in leakages, destruction of the working area, and not to mention injury on site. And this is why there is a need for precision handling of all repairs and servicing in your installation. When it comes to a proper line stop, below are the different techniques applied in the industry. 

Pivoting Head Stops 

Want to stop the flow in high temperature and pressure stations? You want to use the pivot headline stop method. This is the best method to use if you are critical about maintaining maximum safety margins in your installation. For temperatures above 700°F and pressures exceeding 1000psi, you want a robust approach that ensures safety and precision in your system repair and services. 

Hot Tapping 

This involves the insertion of a bladder into the pipelines with the aid of a hot tap. This is different from drilling into the pipes, as the large surface area will require you to go in small. And using a drill bit will undoubtedly increase the drill area. 

So a more precise method can be used in sealing the area without causing damage to other existing or operating sections. The best approach will be the double block and bleed to ensure there is no downtime in the operation station. The page here has more on how to reduce lag in factory operational hours. 

Extreme Duty Stops

Like the pivoting line stops, you can also try this approach for maintaining safe operations in your installation. The bore is small and can be performed in the section where there is a high flow of pressure and temperature. It could also handle heavy-duty material components like chemicals, oxidizers, acids, and others with high-temperature ratings. 

Freeze Stops

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen play an essential role industrially as they are often used as pipeline freezing agents. For areas around the plant that are difficult to get through, you can use CO2 to ensure that there are no delays with other existing operations. This is an affordable method compared to others as you don’t have to worry about installing a line stop. This will only require you to use the right freezing equipment. 

Finding a Pipeline Line Stopping Services

Ideally, you don’t want to wait until there is a disruption in the operational process before looking for expert assistance. You want to have a repair service on speed dial, so you get them notified the moment you need help. This will save you the extra time spent in negotiation and or looking for the company to hire in the event of a disaster. 

For the safety of your investment and the smooth running of your installations, you want to ensure that you hire a reputable pipeline repair service provider. And it shouldn’t be hard to find expert technicians who provide top-notch services to companies operating in the industry. 

It could be a wise idea to have your technician take up training on how to enforce the best pipeline installation safety practices. This can help with limiting how often you have to make repairs and improve operational procedures. But when in search of expert repairs, below are some of the things you can try. 

Check with Product Line Manufacturers

If you need help with repairs or servicing your existing channels, you can check with the manufacturers of the channels directly. The pipe makers could help your team understand the precision points across the installation and what to note in the event of a breakdown. They could also have a team of experts on hand who know precisely how to handle issues in your installation. 

Use Past Customer Job Satisfaction 

With the advent of the internet, you can quickly get in touch with a repair service online to assist with your needs. But while it can be tempting to go with any company you find online, you want to make sure that they are the right team to work with. 

You can find out from past clients the nature of the services providers. While you can read through testimonies on the website, it could also help if you got in touch with one of the companies to find out if they enjoyed the services provided. 

Check Others in your Industry

While you will likely be an industry that is not overly competitive, you want to know who your competitors are. And what’s more, you want to stay close to them to note what progress they are making with their service delivery. If it so happens that you need repairers and technicians, you could check with them to see those they use in meeting their needs. 

Final Note 

When it comes to running a successful pipeline installation, your repair and maintenance services need to be top-notch if you will make profits and reduce downtime due to faulty or damaged lines. Getting expert help at the last minute is not advisable as this means there will be delays with factory operations. So you want to have a repair service provider on deck for when you need one. 


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