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Why UK businesses must consider waste disposal services


The Vital Importance of Business Waste Disposal Services

While it may not seem to be an important consideration when starting a business, finding the appropriate service to handle all your workplace rubbish is crucial. There’s a web of regulations surrounding business waste disposal in the U.K., and it is best to have experienced personnel on your side in regards to this topic. This post will focus on two main aspects of business waste disposal: the legal framework, and good waste disposal practices for each sector.

Business Waste Disposal Regulations

Business waste disposal in the U.K. has an important list of simple regulations that must be followed in order to operate as a business. In short, businesses must do everything they reasonably can to minimize waste through four key steps: prevent, reuse, recycle, and/or recover waste, in that order. Businesses must safely sort and secure waste, and file waste transfer notes for each load of waste that leaves the business premises. Regulations specify that business waste is any waste formed as a by product of commercial activity. This includes home-based entrepreneurship; the parts of the home used for business also have to follow business waste disposal guidelines.

Disposal Practices in General and in Individual Sectors

So what should you do as a business owner? Well, first, you MUST register with the government as a waste carrier if you are going to dispose of your own waste regularly. The registration guidelines are different throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, so you must pay attention to your constituent countries. What comes next is dependent on whether the waste you are producing is considered hazardous. Hazardous waste and its management are regulated under the European Waste Codes and bears some hefty fines if hazardous waste is not disposed of correctly. This includes products such as fridges, fluorescent lights, and oily rags, to name a few. If you do have hazardous waste and are located in England or Wales, you must also register as a hazardous waste producer. You must also sort and contain waste products individually.

Stay on the right side of the law

Business waste disposal may seem like an intimidating hurdle of regulations and guidelines for you and your business. However, staying on the right side of the law keeps your business safe, and improves the safety and quality of your services. Good waste disposal practices are a win-win for any business owner based in the U.K.


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