Home Design Re-Modelling Your Home on a Budget

Re-Modelling Your Home on a Budget


We all want to take pride in our homes, but it can be immensely frustrating when a restrictive budget prevents you from making all those big improvements. But fear not, because we’ve put together some of the most affordable projects you can take on to give your home a facelift on a budget! Most are quick and easy, some make great weekend projects, and they can all be done cheaply – enjoy.

Conceal wall blemishes and old nail holes

If you’re new to DIY, then this is a great project to start with. You’ll gain a little skill, and hopefully find the confidence to tackle larger projects too! It’s a nice one to tackle over a weekend and move through all the rooms in your house. All you’ll need is a putty knife and a surfacing compound, both of which can be purchased cheaply at any local hardware store. If you have any larger holes or imperfections, you might need an adhesive patch and some all-purpose drywall compound. If you’re feeling nervous, take a photo of the affected areas and show these to the manager at your hardware store for advice, and check out a few how to videos on YouTube. You could save even more cash if you and a friend buy together and share!

Get into the garden

When money is tight, working in the garden is not just a free way of improving your property – it’s excellent for stress relief too! Picking up the rake, pulling out weeds and transplanting plants to a better spot in the garden is an attainable improvement! Remember those seed packets you bought on a whim a season ago but never got around to planting? Or perhaps those tree branches that have been creeping closer and closer to the power lines? Maybe those bare patches on the lawn finally need reseeding? Alternatively you could plan to invest in some artificial grass. There’s always something to be done in the garden!

Clear away clutter and unsightly cables with clever storage

We all have that space that’s constantly covered with charging cables, and here’s a nifty way to clean it up for good! All you need to do is drill a small hole at the back of your drawer near the plug, and run your cables through there. This way, items that are charging can sit in the drawer out of your sight, and that of potential thieves too.

Under-the-bed storage is an excellent and really affordable way to help keep bedrooms less cluttered. Try putting up shelving or a shoe hanger in a cupboard which makes for an excellent way to store spices in the kitchen, create a medicine organizer in the bathroom, or store shoes in the bedroom!

Shed a little light

Replacing old light fittings and fluorescent bulbs with modern LED lighting is a great way to literally brighten your home, and save on your monthly bills too. Halogen track lighting is a particularly good option for highlighting the attractive features of a room that might otherwise get lost in the gloomy corners. Start in areas where you know better lighting is needed – such as in the kitchen or near spaces you like to read or work. If money is really tight, then even taking the time to take light fittings down and give them a thorough cleaning can make a massive difference!

Add a splash of color

While a complete repainting might be out of your budget at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to spruce up your home’s look. Colorful throw cushions are a really popular way to accomplish this, or if you want a bigger impact, then consider an accent wall with bright paint or pretty wallpaper. With the recent revival of the wallpaper trend, you might be surprised at the modern and stylish options that have become available – and more affordable too.

If you’re feeling ambitious, then painting the ceiling in a bold color is another option to give the entire room a new feel. You can also often find very attractive ceiling fan medallions that make a room feel more classy and sophisticated. A DIY kitchen backsplash isn’t just a good way to add some color, it’s practical and makes for a good weekend project too.

Remember that most wood, metal and brick surfaces can be quickly and cheaply transformed with just a tin of spray paint! In the bathroom, you can achieve a much brighter and cleaner look by resurfacing tile grouting with a whitener pen. Even when you’re really strapped for cash, there’s room for improvement if you keep your eyes peeled!



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