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Tips to make your interior spaces more family-orientated


Living on your own makes designing your home easy, as it is only your own concerns that need to be addressed. However, once you are living with a partner and children, you might need to think much more carefully about how the residence is laid out to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Putting in place all of the necessary practical amenities while keeping the overall design pleasing to the eye is no easy task, but here are some ways that you can help yourself achieve it.

Set aside space for toys

In the living room, you should create a dedicated space in the corner where the kids can play. Otherwise, toys could become scattered throughout the room, Ideal Home cautions. This wouldn’t be ideal, as there would be a risk of the toys getting lost or you tripping over them.

The play area should feature colourful and spacious storage in which the toys can be placed in the evening, once the kids have settled into bed.

Select sufficiently durable and child-proof furniture

The kids could inadvertently wreak havoc on your interiors. However, there are ways that you could counter the likelihood of such – like being particular about how you decorate those interiors…

The possible ways of doing this include giving the walls a finish from which food or drink can be easily wiped, opting for hardwearing leather sofas, and placing chair and sofa cushions that can spring down and so keep their shape.  Also, round-cornered tables can help prevent bruises.

Create ample storage space

Clutter can inevitably gather in various rooms from time to time; it’s a natural aspect of a family household. However, it’s possible to encourage less clutter by providing sufficient storage space.

In doing so, you wouldn’t strictly have to compromise the visual appeal of your home’s design, either. You could – for example – push baskets into unused corners, add good-looking boxes to open shelves, and have a double-tiered coffee table in which toy baskets can be kept, HGTV advises.

Frame photos and art to display on walls

If you currently have a large section of bare wall in a nonetheless prominent area like above a sofa, then you might have just the right place in which to hang some appealing photos and art pieces.

You could hang some photos that depict family members and bring back lovely memories. Meanwhile, you may have found a much better place than the fridge on which to display the cute drawings that your children have made, as Homedit remarks.

Take account of your family’s particular lifestyle

Different families can significantly vary in how they really live from day to day. Hence, you should strongly consider particular habits of specific members of your family when you decorate or revamp your own spaces.

So, if your children often enjoy playing in the garden but also need to regularly return to the house for something to eat or drink, you could have some bi fold doors fitted. These can helpfully ease access between the house and garden.


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