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What are the Best Wall Panels for Transforming Your Bathroom?


Customising your bathroom to look exactly how you imagine it is incredibly easy these days.

With modern wall cladding available in a range of stylish patterns and materials, and bathroom features being made to fit a room of any size, shape and colour, the options are limitless.

However, this can make settling on a specific design an arduous task as the choice is so broad that it can be rather overwhelming.

To combat this, read on to discover a wall panel option that could be perfect for your bathroom, and help to shorten the amount of time you spend unsure on the next steps in your renovation journey.

If you are considering revamping your bathroom, or have already begun the process and hit a creative block, check out this fresh new inspiration:

Swish Marbrex panels

If you are considering switching your bathroom up for a higher class, top quality look, all while sticking to a budget, Swish Marbrex panels are the perfect choice for you.

This luxurious range of cladding gives an expensive, stylish feel to your bathroom, while remaining affordable and attainable.

The benefit of these specially-designed panels is not only limited to the bathroom, as they can be used in a variety of places around the home.

Plastic wall panels can be used in kitchens or utility rooms too, as these areas can be subject to high humidity. Using panels, rather than tiles, will reduce the chances of damp and mould forming in these rooms, as they are waterproof and don’t include the gaps and grout used with tiles.

How else can plastic wall panels benefit your home?

As well as keeping your bathroom in pristine condition by reducing the risk of damp, mould and mildew forming and destroying your walls, having a wetwall installed has a number of other benefits.

The colour you choose for your wall panels can also offer pleasantly surprising effects on the appearance of the room they feature in.

Choosing light block colours such as white can play a huge part in making a smaller bathroom look larger and getting rid of an wanted dark, dingy feel. This is because plastic wall panels reflect the light around the room.

However, if you do require the opposite effect on your room, this is also an option. Choosing darker, warm colours can help a cold and clinical room appear more homely.

Installing wall panels to change the atmosphere of a room is a cheaper alternative to having a full refurbishment done in your home and will allow you to reach your goals without wreaking havoc on your bank account.

Along with this, Marbrex panels are extremely luxurious in appearance and are sure to impress your guests.

What designs are available?

One of the best aspects of Swish Marbrex panels, is that they can come in several different designs and will suit your style regardless of how unique it is.

The Anthracite design is perfect for those who want a darker, more gothic feel to their room. However, if this is the opposite of what you are looking for, there are bright Whitestone and Alba Grey options which will lighten a room and brighten your day.


If you are looking to save money during the renovation process, Swish Marbrex panels are a great way to do this, as they can make a bathroom look luxurious on a budget.

Thanks to their high-quality finish, they can easily make your bathroom look high end, on a low end spend.

As well as this, they are incredibly low maintenance, meaning the room will look pristine for longer, and the fear of paying for a professional cleaner is a thing of the past.

There you have it, many reasons why Swish Marbrex is a versatile, affordable and quality wall panel option, and how it can help make bathroom designing a breeze!


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