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Ten Best Do-It-Yourself Winter Decorations


One of the most exciting aspects of the winter months is getting in the mood for the holiday season. Between Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and other festive events, you have so many reasons to decorate your living space.

You can enjoy winter themed games with your family, invite friends for a massive party, or relax with a cup of hot cocoa as you admire your wonderful winter decorations in the living room.

Not everyone has a great deal of money to spend on decorations. Even if you can afford the best decorations, you may want to get creative this year.

Below are ten great do-it-yourself winter decoration ideas.

1. Make a Sweater Vase

Sometimes the simplest decorations are the ones that create the best ambience around the house. If you have an old vase or two that you no longer use, you can give them a winter theme by wrapping a sweater around each of them. You could choose white sweaters for a single colour theme, or go with Christmas sweaters to give the space a truly festive look.

2. Mason Jar Lights

If you want a fun and innovative way to hang up lights outside your home, you could turn to mason jars. Rather than having to worry about lights falling down or getting wet, or not hanging in the precise area you want, you can create your own light structure.

Take a few mason jars, fill them up with the lights that you want to use, and then take some rope and attach them to the top of the jars. Then you will need a coat hanging instrument or a similar contraption to hang all the jars.

3. Winter Displays

Sometimes creating a winter display does not mean you have to go out and buy a lot of expensive items. You would be surprised at how many great knick-knacks you have lying around the house. Find your older seasonal decorations, repurpose some regular items, and you can create a winter display of two or three tiers to wow your guests.

4. Wooden Sign

You may have seen wooden signs becoming popular in the past few years. People usually see such signs at quaint shops in town, and then get inspired to make their own. You can do the same, adding messages such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or “Let It Snow” on the wooden plank. Such a decoration would be perfect for a party.

5. Sweater Pillow

The idea of wrapping items in sweaters is not limited to vases, as you can do the same to pillows. Perhaps you are not a fan of the way your existing pillows look, especially if you want a winter theme for your living room or bedroom. You can take a sweater and repurpose it as a pillow cover.

6. Wine Bottle Display

Perhaps you have some winter decorations or fake tree branches that add a lot of charm and colour to the room. The issue is that you are not sure how to arrange them. You could use a regular vase, but sometimes those are too big for such winter decorations. One alternative is to use old wine bottles, which you can decorate to match the theme that you have going on in that space.

7. Yarn Snowman

You do not have to buy a snowman made of glass or china, as you can make one by yourself. The kids will have so much fun with this project, as you only need three balls of yarn, and the various knick-knacks they want to use to decorate and dress the snowman. If you do this properly, you can even get your figure to stand, which would make him the perfect centrepiece for your winter-themed living room.

8. DIY Wreath

If you talk to couples or families that recently moved into new homes, many of them want to buy a wreath they can hang on their door. The problem is that wreaths are very expensive, and you may not be sure if you want the same style wreath for each Christmas or holiday season. Rather than spending a lot of money on a wreath, you can make one using dried flowers, wood slices, pine cones, and other items.

9. Snowflakes

Did you know that you can use toilet paper or paper towels to create snowflakes? You no longer have to buy these accessories, as you can have a lot of fun with your kids making them for the big family party or get together. The process is very simple, and you only need accessories such as scissors, a pencil, hot glue, and a ruler.

10. Fresh Greenery

When you are setting up for a gathering at your home in the winter, or you want to brighten up a space, you should use fresh greenery from the season. Depending on where you live, there may still be trees that have healthy leaves, and you can take some of those to create centrepieces or side decorations for your tables.


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