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Eastern Star Entertainment: web marketing, digital services and projects


Eastern Star Entertainment is an international digital agency specialized in digital strategies. Our web agency acts as a corporate partner, a resource to grow your business online. The professional team creates and takes care of your brand identity, websites, mobile apps and e-commerce giving maximum visibility to the company through SEO and SEM techniques.

The agency enhances your online reputation, gives visibility to the company and products by measuring the results obtained. Our team is composed of professionals in the field that can guide and support you. Our consultations are aimed at obtaining precise and measurable results, with the objective of achieving maximum return on investment. We coordinate the processes and activities of a project while maintaining the focus on customer satisfaction and product quality!

ES Entertainment web-design services for your business

ES entertainment creates responsive and self-manageable websites, e-commerce sites, institutional portals and integrated communication plans. They deal daily with strategies, creativity, web design, social media marketing, web analysis, positioning on Google and other search engines, content creation and optimization, press office, photo shoots, videos, graphics, design, brand identity, printing services and promotional materials. They offer assistance and support for all online projects and much more.


ES entertainment works in the SEO field on the organic positioning and indexing of a website to make it appear in the first ranks of Google search and other search engines in relation to the keywords most relevant to your business and your target audience.

The vast majority of access to websites comes from search engines. This is where users go to look for information about products, services, events and anything else, and almost no one goes beyond the first two or three pages of results. That’s why it’s essential to index a website in the best way possible to be present in the first pages of search results related to keywords relevant to your business. This marketing agency works on the positioning of websites in different aspects:

  • analysis and choice of keywords according to the reference sector;
  • drafting of new and original content;
  • optimization of textual and graphic content already presents on the site;
  • development and management of the link network;
  • insertion of pages and cards in the Directory of the sector;
  • drafting, publication and management of content in industry blogs;
  • activation and management of content in the various channels of Social Networks;
  • professional monitoring and analysis of results with statistics and reports!

The agency carries out a careful study of the most searched and suitable words in relation to the customer’s business, to make visitors really interested in the site.

Video Streaming

In a world that runs faster and faster, video is becoming more and more on demand and following events and conferences from all over the world is now possible through any device, which allowing you to have at your disposal a perfect audio/video data stream without interruptions. With the help of this service provided by Eastern Star Entertainment you’ll have the possibility to create high quality live streams that take advantage of a stable transmission protocol, suitable for any type of event. Effectively and securely the agency can organize the transmission during events, conferences, corporate presentations, advertising campaigns and share video content on PC and mobile, without worrying about infrastructure, logistics and technology but only focusing on your audience.


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