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Blog post: The process of Working With a Residential Architect

Construction and structure concept of Engineer or architect meeting for project working with partner and engineering tools on model building and blueprint in working site, contract for both companies.

What is a residential architect?

Working in the residential sector of architecture is an absolute joy. People wait a lifetime to have the house, home or building of their dreams and it’s our job to help you accomplish that. Residential architects offer a wide variety of design, architectural and planning services to support you on your projects at various stages. You may need help with the look and feel of your property, with understanding and dealing with regulations, drawing up plans and having professional advice on tap. There’s so many different options you could go for when it comes to a residential build. Looking into all this and surveying which routes you could take is all part of being a residential architect and we absolutely love it. This article is designed to give you a bit more information on residential architecture and the process.

Residential Planning & Design

We understand that no size fits all when it comes to planning, designing and building your property. Everyone has a unique taste, different perspective on everything and certain desires. Our architectural planning and design service encompasses all your requirements and preferences and we work with you to make your dream a reality. We want to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality because is there anything better than a property that looks amazing as well as has performance benefits? The simple answer to this question is no. Residential Architects take a lot of pride in their work and will always communicate effectively with you as the client.

Extensions and alterations

Extensions and alterations are a fantastic way to add something new and exciting to your current residential property. We specialise in this type of work so you’re in good hands if this is something you’re considering at the moment. You may want to build a garage, add a porch or have a mega extension, we work on all these types of projects. If you contact residential architects about this then we’d be delighted to discuss your options as we have lots of expertise to find you a cost effective and ideal solution.

Space planning

Space planning is vital in getting the most out of your residential space. Based on your requirements, wants and needs, residential archtiects will offer our best solutions in terms of how we feel the space can best be used. Considerations include things such as lighting, heating, storage and so much more. You can be rest assured that we will come up with multiple options and work with you to ensure you’re happy with the proposition. We’re the residential architect specialists but it’s important to collaborate with you as the client too.


Conversions are truly exciting projects to be a part of. When it comes to residential conversions you can do lots of different things. Some good examples are changing a loft into a bedroom, turning a garage into an extra living space, or even converting an old commercial space such as a mill into a residential space all together. Once complete, the rewards you reap from taking on a residential conversion are wonderful. You’d have gained a brand new space that adds more room to your property and it can be used for multiple purposes. Our residential architect team has lots of experience in conversion so we’d love to help you with yours.

The Process

We have an efficient and thorough process when it comes to working with you as your residential architect. As we aim to be clear and communicative throughout our projects, we think a great way of building the relationship is by being up front and honest from the start.

This is why we let you know about our process so you can know what to expect. Firstly, our initial consultation is absolutely free of charge because we want to get to know you and hear all about your upcoming project. This will give us enough information to then create a detailed brief before doing a site visit should you wish to press forward with proceedings.

A site visit wil be arranged to carry out a full survey of your property to include measurements, key features, photos, videos, documentation and important notes. This then leads nicely to the next stage where we use all this detail from the survey to create drawings, 3D models and more depending which package you’ve chosen. A full proposal will be submitted to you which you can review and give feedback on in a proper meeting. If you’re happy at this stage and want the build to go ahead, we will work on all the official paperwork involved in getting us closer to receiving planning permission.  We’ll liaise with the appropriate governing bodies until approval has been granted. Once complete, your architects will create a solid set of comprehensive drawings that will be issued to your building contractor of choice. They’ll price the work involved and we will continue to hold your hand through the process until work begins on site. We hope this gives you a good idea of what to expect from us and we can’t wait to hear from you soon.


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