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5 Best Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces


space. How can I even entertain guests if I have a small kitchen? You need enough kitchen space for your cabinet and worktop space to achieve all these desires. However, it can be problematic if your kitchen is small than desired. But does it mean that all hope is lost? Fortunately, there are few things that you can do to increase your kitchen space. We spoke with Cardiff-based interior design and kitchen fitter business CharlesJames Developments about what features and elements you can incorporate into your small kitchen to increase functionality and size of  the space.

Here is their list of our five simple design ideas to make your small space enough for all your kitchen activities. Please continue reading to learn more.

 1.        Galley or Corridor the Kitchen Layout

The layout that you choose for your kitchen can make it to be small or large. For small space kitchens, galley or corridor-style kitchen is the most popular layout since it maximizes the space. This is the layout where all the service items such as stoves, sink, and dishwater are put together in one area. Doing so leaves you with enough space to conduct all the other kitchen-related activities. Other kitchen items are stored in the lower and upper cabinets leaving enough space for cooking purposes. The layout involves a galley kitchen which can fit in a very small space. Yes, if you design your kitchen using a galley or corridor kitchen layout, you will have enough space for all your kitchen activities. so, try this layout now and see if it will work for your kitchen.

 2.        Bold Floor Your Kitchen to Distract Your Eyes

Perception plays a big role in our minds. So, if you believe your kitchen is spacious enough, it will accommodate all your kitchen activities. So, what can I do to create a perception that my kitchen is big? Simple! Bold tile your kitchen. Doing so creates a strong pattern that distracts your eyes and convinces them that you have a spacious kitchen floor. Thus, you will be able to manage your space better as bolding makes every Conner clear. Now that you can see every part of your kitchen consider hanging some of the kitchen wall items. For instance, you can hang a copper planter in the wall since it adds some life and decorates the kitchen to make it look good.

 3.        Invest in Flexible Storage

One of the problems of the small kitchens is the storage space. Therefore, you must be extra creative with the storage if you have a small kitchen. It is advisable to invest in wire panel shelving since it adapts to all your kitchen needs, maximizing the storage space. Yes, ordinary shelves are good, but they waste a lot of space than the wire panel shelving. Wire panel shelving is adjustable to fit your specific needs. I mean, you can add or take away shelves or introduce a Wine rack. Make sure that every inch of your kitchen space counts if you have a small kitchen.

 4.        Maximize Space by Utilizing Wall Space

When you have a small space, you must do everything possible to maximize space. One great idea is to make use of the wall space. To achieve this, you must come up with the best layout. So, which is the best layout to maximize the space by utilizing the kitchen wall? Start by creating a cabinetry bank on your wall since it is a great way of opening up the kitchen space. By doing so, you will be able to hang some items on the wall. You can also consider using tall and narrow wall units in your kitchen as it stores most of your kitchenware leaving you with enough space for other activities. If you don’t do this, you will end up in a cramped area, making it difficult to work properly. If you do this and still don’t have enough space, consider removing all the items that are not very necessary from your kitchen.

 5.        Add a Kitchen Island

Very few people think that adding a kitchen island table in their small kitchen is a great idea. However, it is one of the key things that small kitchen owners should do to enlarge their kitchen space. Adding a kitchen island instead of a kitchen table adds extra surface space and extra storage and increases the kitchen’s sociable space. However, if you decide to add a kitchen island for a small space, you must put the one with plenty of storage space. Use the extra storage space to stow away linens and vegetables. Also, ensure that the island slightly overhangs from the top of the counter to make the four-bar tools easily fit in the island. Doing so minimizes potential hazards and harms.

Small kitchen space can be limiting, especially if you have an array of activities to do. But this does not mean that you can’t enjoy your kitchen activities if you have a small kitchen. What you consider small can be big enough if it is arranged and utilized properly, and what you think is big can be small if it is mismanaged. The above design tips help you to maximize your kitchen space. They are easy tips to follow and installing most of the recommendations is not expensive. So, why don’t you try them now? Success as you turn your small kitchen space into a big sociable one.


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