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Interior Design Ideas For This Winter

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Winter is a beautiful season as you can enjoy the cold breeze of air hugging your skin. It’s the season where you can be reunited with your family and enjoy the holidays. Along with this, it’s also the best time to stay indoors and enjoy the comfort of your home as you read books and drink your favourite hot cocoa.

Winter-appropriate Interior Designs

As you choose to stay indoors, it’ll help boost your mood if you’d match the interior design to make it cosier. A new season is a brand-new opportunity to update your room and make it season-compatible. That’s why you need to look for ways to allow your interior design to be winter-appropriate. Here are some of them:

1. Switch To Carpet Flooring 

Since winter in New Zealand could last longer than usual, you need to ensure what you put in your home will provide a cosy atmosphere withstanding time and weather, making everything look and feel comfortable.

You can begin making your home cosy from your floors. While adding a carpet rug would be a workable idea, it’ll be best if you’d switch your entire flooring with carpet so you can allow the whole place to be snug.  

As you switch your entire flooring, it’s wise to look for a company providing installation while offering various choices for flooring options like Carpet Court New Zealand and other reliable organizations near you. With this, professionals can also give free measures and quotes for residents in New Zealand, making it a great way to save a few bucks while ensuring you get quality services.

2. Throw In Cosy Textiles 

Comfortability should be the main highlight of your theme during winter as the cold temperatures can be unbearable for some people.  

You can allow the room to look snug by adding as many textiles as possible. You can switch your throw pillow into a much more comfortable fabric such as wool and cashmere. It’ll also be helpful if you’d add a weighted blanket by the sofa so there’ll be easy access to comfort when the temperature gets too cold.  

Apart from using comfortable fabrics, using faux fur as a cover for stools and accent tables can emphasize the cosy atmosphere inside the room. Just ensure the textiles you use blend perfectly with each other.  

3. Use Warm Colours 

To prepare your home for the winter season, it’ll be best if you’d use warm colours as your primary theme for your home. Ideally, you should go for neutral colours.  

When you think of winter, the thought of snow and cold air immediately goes into your mind, and you should incorporate those into your interior design. Using white, beige, and grey would be the perfect option for your colour scheme as they’re gentle on the eyes, promoting comfortability.  

4. Add A Fireplace 

A fireplace should always be present in one’s home, especially during the winter season since it can add warmth to the entire room. Along with this, when you light a fireplace, it can add beauty to the whole room as it can instantly give off a vibe of comfort and cosiness.  

While having a fireplace can be standard for your home, allow it to be the focal point during winter. You can choose to gather chairs around the fireplace to promote togetherness during the coldest winter nights. It’ll be best if you’d surround the fireplace with a subtle and soft design, allowing the entire area to highlight the fireplace.  

If you’re installing a new fireplace, you can choose from different types of fireplaces and see which one would best fit your space and budget.  

For an added beauty, you can add a display rack for your wooden logs, which you’ll use to throw in the fireplace if you want the fire to last longer. In this way, not only can you have easy access to additional wood, but it can also help highlight the comfort and warmth inside the room.  

5. Spread Candles 

Adding candles to your interior design can instantly help boost the appearance of your home. While some may prefer to avoid using candles as they’re afraid of possible fire or accident, you don’t necessarily need to light them.  

The sole presence of candles can add warmth to the entire room, especially when they’re placed perfectly with each other, and there are plenty around the area.  

Moreover, if you’d like to experience their scent without the need to light them with fire, there are candle warmers available, allowing the aroma to float around. Using a candle warmer is a great alternative to enjoy the fragrance of scented candles without actually lighting them, driving your home away from any accidents.  


Designing your home for winter can be challenging, especially if you have a standard theme in your household. However, if you’d like to make your home cosier and enjoyable to stay at, incorporating winter-related interior designs such as adding comfortable fabric and using warm tone colours would help keep everyone comfortable.


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