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Customise Your Interior with Personalized Photo Printing


With springtime just around the corner waiting to make its arrival, you might feel like giving your home a spring make-over. If you are looking for ideas to easily customize your interior using your own photos, just keep on reading. We are happy to give you tips on how you can get a complete make-over with personalized products with photos. Design a poster to hang on the wall, create your own photo on wood to stand on a dresser or get personalized pillows to relax on the couch. The possibilities are endless.

It is not difficult at all to give your room a smashing look with personalized photo printing. There are all kinds of websites for an online printer that can help you. We will show you different ideas for decoration items that you can personalize so they best fit your interior. All that is left for you to do is to enjoy your favourite photos every day in an original way.

Design your own photo product

You can have a photo printed on all kinds of materials to hang on the wall, to place on top of a dresser or to put on a shelf against the wall. A photo on wood or a photo on canvas might be more know, but nowadays you can also get an aluminium print or an acrylic print. These materials allow you to create a more industrial look in your room. Designing a photo product is also very simple with the help of online printers that often offer designing programs that are suitable for people who donĀ“t have experience as a designer.

Relax with a pillow or bean bag

Are you looking for a new look for you couch or are you searching for more ways to relax in your living room? Then a personalized pillow or bean bag is the product for you. They are great to use your best holiday photo. Or choose a romantic atmosphere and use a nice photo of you and your partner. Also photos with kids are great to use on pillows. When you order a bean bag or pillow online, you often can choose various sizes and materials. Making a design is really easy; you will probably spend more picking out your favourite photo you want to use!

Personalized posters

An interior trend is to place posters with inspiring quotes or words on the wall. You can combine these with one of your favourite photos if you like. Online printers offer you numerous formats for posters that you can further customize according to your wishes. Another idea is to make a photo collage on a poster with more than one of your photos. This way you create a unique poster that you will not encounter anywhere else.

We hope our decorating ideas got you inspired to customize your interior with a personalized unique product with your own photos. Visit an online printer and start designing!


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