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10 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Space


Our kitchens can be the essence of our homes. When you think about it, it’s the kitchen where everyone gathers for family parties and social events. In the kitchen, one of the world’s main conversations is made with friends and family: food.

But with disorganized cupboards and cabinets, overflowing pantry essentials, and cluttered tupperware, having company in the kitchen and cooking can become a nightmare. You can often run out of space for the ingredients you need, lose track of what you have only to find it expired months later, or turn your home’s center of attention into a lackluster nightmare.

But, there are ways to take a step back and save your kitchen from the inevitable doom of disorganization. In this article, we’ll outline the 10 most effective ways to organize your kitchen cabinets to become more space-conservative and user friendly.

1. Slight shelf adjustments can make a world of a difference

It may not seem like it, but even small adjustments to the preset shelf storage that you can make on your own can transform your kitchen’s storage potential.

Raising one shelf an inch or two and lowering the next can open up a new world of possibilities.

Have larger items that you need to store like pots and pans but no room for them in one cabinet?

Group what you have by size and lower the next shelf as much as you can to create as much extra room as possible. Try to keep the spaces between the shelves and the items as small as possible to maximize your space.

2. Cheap shelf inserts

There is a wide variety of inexpensive, yet extremely useful shelf inserts that will expand your shelf storage space without any labor necessary.

Order some for cheap online or visit your local home goods store to double your shelf storage in no time.

3. Get creative and use things that “don’t belong” in the kitchen

Many office supplies and other bathroom organizers can actually be used in the kitchen to increase the space you have to use.

There are hundreds of different options out there, but one we’ve found works the best is to use file organizers to hold things like bottles, dishware, utensils, spatulas and much more!

4. Use an extra dish rack to hold extra dishes

We use dish racks every day to dry our dishes after they’ve been washed, and when the dishes are drying, they’re not taking up extra space in cabinets that can be used for more food, other cookware or anything else you might find in the kitchen.

So why not use an extra dish rack just to hold your dishes? It provides a sanitary area to hold your dishes and, as a plus, nobody will question it!

5.Hang cookware in unexpected places

Most of the time, what makes us run out of space in our cabinets is extra space being taken up by bulky stand-mixer attachments, ladles, pots and pans, and other similar tools.

That’s why we suggest that you hang these clunky items that don’t have proper places in drawers in cabinets. Try hanging these misfit tools from cabinet doors, ceiling racks, or even just the walls.

6.Organize your items by cabinets

Trying to stack completely different objects into one cabinet isn’t going to help with organization purposes.

But, instead, designating cabinets for different types of kitchen supplies can be the first step to creating a clutter-free and space-optimized kitchen.

7. Utilize the entire cabinet

By this, we don’t just mean the entire inside of the cabinet. When we say we mean the whole thing, we mean the whole thing.

Attach your extra items to the bottoms and sides of your cabinets to create extra space in your kitchen for all of your kitchenware.

Put magnets on the bottom of your cabinets to provide an extra place where you can stick your spices (in metal containers of course), metal serving or cookware, or maybe even pots and pans if you have strong enough magnets.

If magnets don’t work, attach hooks and racks to the sides or bottoms of your cabinets to hang practically anything imaginable.

8. Maximize the space in your spice cabinet

Spice cabinets are often the source of cluttered ingredients. You can, and will, forget which spices you own if they aren’t organized enough for quick viewing and using.

Add a tension rod or a similar pole-like platform that you can rest spices on that can be easily removed and won’t take up any extra space. A simple and cheap solution like this can end up freeing up more space than you would’ve ever imagined.

9. Remodel your cabinet choices

Now, if you’re in desperate need of more space and have a plentiful amount of money on hand, new cabinets that are better tailored to your needs can help to boost your kitchen’s storing potential and maximize your organization and storage.

RTA (or Ready to Assemble) cabinets can be a cheaper option to those who are looking for a change of pace and a change of space in their kitchen. However, it will take more handyman skills in order to assemble these in your kitchen.

10. Stackable tupperware

If your tupperware is in a jumbled mess in your cupboard, you’re just wasting an incredible amount of storage space.

By purchasing stackable tupperware for just a few dollars, you can skyrocket your storage in just one cabinet.

There are plenty of ways to increase your kitchen’s storage, but these are 10 foolproof methods to organize your kitchen in the best way possible. Say goodbye to a cluttered and dysfunctional kitchen with these 10 simple solutions.


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