Home Design Find superior quality wall panels for your kitchen walls and ceilings

Find superior quality wall panels for your kitchen walls and ceilings


The kitchen is the busiest area in the whole household and activities there do not stop even after midnight. Every kind of cooking activities to eating happens in the kitchen, so when it comes to cleaning, it is not an easy task. Some people long to maintain a clean and classy-looking kitchen while others wish that there were not so much cleaning to do. In every case, the aspect of cleanliness is the issue, and of course, kitchens cannot be clean all the time nor is there a guarantee that it will remain clean all the time. Like most of the rooms in the house, the kitchen walls and ceilings need proper coverings to give it an elegant appearance. The daily activities in the kitchen render it in the high requirement of right material wall and ceiling covering to prevent germs and bacterial infestation from growing in it. Every homeowner desires to have a classy, sophisticated, or vintage looking kitchen but it becomes difficult when the material used for the walls and ceilings or equipment’s in the kitchen damages, need replacement, tears off, or soils every couple of months. The expenditure on replacing or remodelling itself will cost a fortune and end up burning a hole in the budget. For every small or large kitchen, there is a need for excellent materials that can withstand the daily wear and tear that comes with time. There are varieties of content available in the market used for sealing the walls and ceilings of rooms; however, most of it lacks robust nature and are expensive.

The manufacturers of home appliances and equipment for a long time have been working with many types of materials to come up with one that can deliver the right result at a low cost. Concerning the kitchen area, there is a vital need for well-built materials that can resist any level of heat, liquid, and pound due to everyday use. There is so much activity going on in the kitchen on a daily basis, and the type of material that will cover its premises must be able to take in the various elements that will hit its surfaces. Wall panels have been a massive success since its establishment and have been a favourite among many users. It was able to ward off and maintain the blows of natural and human forces on its surface. When you consider materials like tiles, wallpapers, plastic, or paints, every one of it has a flaw that can cause its user to waste more money in fixing it, but wall panels are different and unique in its nature, substance, durability, installation, cost, etc.

The different types of wall panels used in the kitchen are many, and as a homeowner, you must have a solid plan to find the right material that suits the kitchen and your style. One of the advantages of using wall panels is that you can have any setting or stylized kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, etc. at reasonable prices. Always prepare yourself by going through the various processes that make a particular product before you purchase it. The internet is thronging with hundreds of websites that provide information on all the existing wall panel materials along with its functionality and costs, which will help you to take your pick of the wall panel material for your home. Check out the various features of the wall panel options below-

1) Natural wood panelling

The colour of this type of wall panels brings unique tones to its interior and gives it the essence of naturalness, which you cannot find in any other material. Manufacturers use different species of trees to produce the distinct types of natural wood panels, which has an individual effect according to its nature. Some good quality wood materials have modern impregnations containing wax, which results in the durability of the product and high resistance to humidity, temperature, and pressure. When it comes to the cost of natural wood panels, it varies depending on the quality and species of the wood. Manufacturers these days have started to combine valuable and more affordable wood species to cater to the group of people who cannot afford the expensive ones. The different wood panels also have almost the same feature, design, and looks of the real wood materials and so there is no harm in purchasing the cheaper ones.

 2) Fibreboard panels

The fibreboard panel possesses a reliable quality of content that fares well when exposed to different levels of humidity and temperature changes. Its installation process is fast and easy to handle which comes with readymade drilled holes to hang objects and to put in nails or dowels. People can also paint it although even without the paint the surface itself gives off an aesthetic appearance. In case of a painted surface, the material is resistant to detergent.

3) Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF panelling

Using MDF material in the kitchen has become a popular trend in every household due to its low cost and lasting use. Apart from the walls and ceilings, many famously use the material for kitchen cabinets and shelves as well. Like most wall panel materials, the medium density fibreboard is highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes and is available at affordable prices. It ensures durability, clean looking surface without grout, easy installation or replacement, sturdy surface to resist daily wear and tear, etc.

4) Glassware Panels

As the quality level of products, keep climbing so also the materials used for making wall panels continue to change to include all strong and usable elements. The glassware panel is made of tempered high-impact glass making it ecologically safe and hygienic. You can safely wash off the surface of the glass panels using everyday household chemicals without scratching or damaging it.

There are also other materials of wall panels available, which will play correctly on your kitchen walls. If you have trouble with the installation process, you can contact a professional to do it for you at reasonable charges.


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