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How Much To Install Venetian Blinds


Wooden Venetian blinds comprise horizontal pieces of wood that one tilts to control the amount of light entering the room or the light’s direction. These blinds have a cord that one uses to retract the Venetian blind to the window’s top to better view outside. They are a popular choice among homeowners.

How much does it cost to install wooden Venetian blinds?

This post will help you discover the cost of wooden blinds installation.

Cost of Installing Wooden Venetian Blinds

Installing wooden Venetian blinds will cost you £30-200. The exact amount depends on various factors, such as the number of windows needing blinds and the installer’s experience.

The installation crew might unmount old blinds before installing new ones. This step can extend the installation’s duration and increase the amount you’ll pay.

Choose whether to hang the blinds on the outside or inside of your window casings. This decision helps you know the correct measurements as you buy the blinds. Buying the right size simplifies the installation process, making it affordable.

Professionals charge £15-30 per standard window to install wooden Venetian blinds. The labour cost will be £120-240 for a one-story building with eight windows measuring 27 inches. Removing old blinds can cost you £10-30 per window.

Some companies can include the installation cost in their wooden blinds’ price. Once you buy from them, you won’t pay for installing the blinds. You may pay £50-200 per standard window for materials and installation.

The blind installation crew will provide the needed tools, such as screws, mounting brackets, and power drills. The team may measure your windows to determine the size of blinds you’ll need.

Factors Affecting Wooden Venetian Blind Installation Cost

Various factors affect the cost of installing wooden blinds.

  • Project: The type of undertaking affects the wooden blinds’ installation cost. A new installation is straightforward and affordable. Replacing old blinds can be challenging, and it costs more. You’ll have more work with customised blinds, increasing the complexity and cost of the job.
  • Size: You’ll pay £3-7 per square foot. Expect to pay more if you have huge or many windows.
  • Location: The area whose windows you fit with the blinds can affect the installation cost. You’ll pay £60-100, depending on whether you are working on the windows in your garage, bathroom, living room, bedroom, basement, or patio.
  • Expertise: The installation crew’s experience affects the amount you’ll pay. Companies with several years of experience in the industry can charge more than new players. The difference can be because of their varying skills, knowledge, or pricing policies. A new company can offer discounts to attract more clients, while an experienced one can have many clients that need them.

Professional installation of wooden blinds can be helpful. You’ll leverage their expertise to have the proper fitting. If there’s an issue, the company will address it for you.

You may pay varying amounts for their services, depending on the project, location, window size, and expertise. Choose an affordable service satisfying your needs to enjoy wooden Venetian blinds.


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