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Choosing the Best Sink for Your Bathroom


Choosing a new plumbing fixture usually starts with choosing a sink. As usual, people use this piece of furniture most frequently because they start the day by washing and brushing their teeth in the morning and wash their hands several times a day. Such “rituals” can cheer you up if they take place in a nice atmosphere that pleases the eye. Also, quite often, after choosing a sink, the customer tries to choose the rest of the equipment in a similar style so there is harmony in the design.

In any case, besides aesthetic function, plumbing plays a practical role. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth paying special attention to:

  • ease of care
  • strength and durability of the material
  • type of installation
  • shape
  • color
  • size

Considering the latest requests from customers, the interest in a 30 inch vessel sink is especially popular. Why? Because this is an optimal size option for both smaller and larger bathrooms. The originality of the form and the choice of color allow you to give the interior a zest since, in addition to the classic white model, you can choose options with a red or blue outer part or a completely black version. Such a flatter model will look light and attractive. By installing it on a stand or above an open rack with shelves, you can perfectly save space and use it rationally for storing towels or personal hygiene products.

On the official website of Aquatica, you can take a closer look at the smaller options, like 24 inch vessel sink, which, in terms of originality of design, color, and quality, will not be inferior to the already mentioned ones. Aquatica offers a wide range of plumbing fixtures, furniture, and accessories in various styles, sizes, and price ranges. Therefore, you will be pleasantly impressed by the choice of not only sinks. You can choose a product that will perfectly fit the size and style of your bathroom and, in addition, give it a special charm.


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