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Create a Unique Home


Creating a unique home isn’t about buying quirky decor and splashing colours around without finding out what works best together first. Creating a unique home involves finding a style that suits you and your personality, and putting your own stamp on it by finding statement pieces, furnishings, and lighting that work coherently with a beautiful colour scheme to match the layout and natural look of your home.

By adding artwork to your home, you can add a sense of personality and mood to the room, showing culture, inspiration, and visual interest. The beauty of artwork is how it speaks to the room, you can sense somebody’s personality and individuality through a statement piece of art. You can commission a piece of artwork or source paintings and pieces online or in a showroom, finding the perfect pieces for your home. By adding artwork, you are upgrading your decor, taking the next step in making your house a home, as well as making the space completely unique to you. We find artwork a talking point for guests, which is a great way to break the ice when entertaining.

Keep the tones simple. Nothing screams overpowering more than clashing colours within your colour scheme. Do your research into colour schemes and matching tones as they really create a beautiful base to begin your unique interior journey. Using a white base, you can introduce your colour easily and see which areas of your space and home need lifting with some colour, or kept white to maximise light. The real contrasts are introduced in your darker, feature accessories and cabinet hardware. Picture a beautiful kitchen, light, neutral tones, with statement gold or black cabinet hardware, this is where the unique touch follows.

Let’s talk about colour blocking…

Creating a room in one colour can create incredible results and really adds a unique touch to your home if you want to get creative. Here you match your furniture to the colour of your walls to create a colour block display, which is incredibly eye-catching and when done right, works beautifully. Believe it or not, when done right, colour blocking is anything BUT overwhelming, it instantly captivates the audience and creates a unique touch of personality to your home. You can incorporate patterns, so long as the colour doesn’t clash or overshadow the print, but works coherently to complement one and other, completing the style by adding finesse to your living space.

Here are some more style trends to look out for this year:

  • Floor to ceiling curtains and drapes: This creates a distinct and grandiose aesthetic, and one that fully utilises the height of your rooms. This creates a space that appears larger and much more expansive.
  • Ceiling focal points: Creating a focal point in individual rooms is an excellent way of energising an interior space and developing an optimal layout. With ceiling focal points, you can also detract the eye from less attractive features in the room.
  • Painted door frames: Door frames are a staple of any interior, but painting these is an excellent way of introducing colour to an interior space and establishing a truly unique aesthetic that matches your personality.
  • Metal / wooden furniture: The combination of metal and wood creates a striking visual aesthetic, while buying tables and chairs that fully utilise these two materials can contribute to a truly contemporary interior.
  • Door hardware: Door hardware such as handles and stops represent minor interior details, but can go a long way to maintaining a consistent and modern aesthetic. Check out Buster and Punch for some truly contemporary ideas.


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