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6 Common Causes of Garage Door Damage


A damaged garage door can be a huge safety risk. When stuck in the closed position, you can’t get your vehicle out or get it in, leaving it to potential thieves or a vulnerable position. If stuck open, it is a threat to the security of your home. The garage door comprises many parts. When any part of the garage door becomes worn out, it will cause damages making it stop working correctly. It’s crucial to solve minor problems rather than ignore them and deal with irreparable damage later.

Repairing a roller door is a risky operation, and it’s best carried by a professional garage door repair company. Knowing common causes of garage door damage will help you do a proper inspection, provide the proper maintenance so that you can resolve the issue as soon as possible, and boost the longevity of your garage door.

Here are six common causes you need to look out for.

Broken Spring

Generally, the springs have a short life span. As you know, it opens and closes the door holding a lot of pressure. Since it deals with a lot of pressure, it makes them most vulnerable and prone to breakage.

If you don’t perform garage door spring maintenance regularly, they will break over time. Always inspect them often. If it produces a loud noise when opening, it could be the springs are snapping and might fall off soon. Broken springs can be replaced easily. Once you notice any sign of breakage, seek the assistance of a specialized garage door repair company for a quick fix.

Damaged Rollers

Rollers play a significant part in the mobility of the garage door. They help the door slither up and down the track smoothly. If the rollers are damaged, the door might move in fitful motion or get stuck, and it can also cause damages to other parts of the garage door.

The majority of rollers that come with new garage doors are of low quality. Hence, ensure you upgrade the rollers once you notice rough or bumpy motions, grinding noises, or jerking in your garage door. If you continue using worn-out rollers, it may cause more harm to the tracks, such as bending them. Replacing rollers is a bit tricky, and you might cause injuries. Hence, it is advisable to get the help of a garage door repair specialists.

Broken Cables

Wire cables play a huge part as well in the movement of the garage door. It lifts and lowers the garage door to the ground. After many cycles of opening and closing the door, they are prone to be damaged. As they age, the brittle cause them to snap.

Even when the cables snap, the garage door might still open and close, but it becomes exceedingly heavy and dangerous. Inspect the cables often and if you notice signs of decay or damage, notify a skilled garage door specialist to prevent you from dealing with a costly bigger issue.

Worn Hardware

Garage door parts such as bolts and hinges hardily break. However, over the time, they become corroded, causing a grinding sound and rough movement. Over time, these parts become rusty and cause the garage door not to work properly. From time to time, you need to use an oil-based lubricant to make sure they are moving smoothly and tighten any loose parts. You will know when to replace them if any of them is in bad condition.

Tracks Misalignment

When moving up and down, the garage door slides along within the metal tracks. To move smoothly with no jerking or noise, the rollers must be aligned impeccably with the tracks. However, due to the daily usage of the garage door, the rollers can get misaligned and get off track.

Such misalignment won’t let the garage door function the way it’s supposed to do. Once you notice a gap between the tracks and the door, get the help of a certified garage door repair service as soon as possible. Don’t try to close the door forcefully as it’s likely to bend, making the problem more complex. Misalignment is easy to fix than a bent door.

Electrical Issues

Manual garaged doors are getting out of the market gradually and replaced by electric garage doors with remotes. Unlike manual garage doors, they have many benefits but require more maintenance.

Major electrical hitches could be frayed wire or fuses blowing up. Such problems will require professional help. However, there are minor electrical problems that don’t require professional service. If the garage door isn’t opening, try changing the remote control batteries; if it is still not working, the photo-eye sensor could be the issue. Something could be blocking the rays or sensor. You can try to resolve that by cleaning it with a wet cloth. In most cases, it could be the dust obstructing the sensor. We have another article on garage door electrical issues if you need to troubleshoot further.


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