Home Design Add a Modern Touch to Your Home with a Glass Staircase

Add a Modern Touch to Your Home with a Glass Staircase


Are you considering adding a modern touch to your home with a glass staircase, but you are unsure whether you are making the right decision? A glass staircase is one of the best ways you can use to give your home a modern look. It introduces natural light into your interiors and opens the space.

Furthermore, glass staircases have become increasingly popular among modern homeowners in recent years. It blends seamlessly with any contemporary home décor and is suitable for any commercial or domestic interior.

Although there is a misconception that glass material might be dangerous and unsafe when used in staircases, the reality is the tempered glass used when constructing these staircases is incredibly robust and reliable.

For some inspiration and to see first-hand some amazing examples of how these staircases look in real homes, check out Cardiff-based Jarrods Staircases’ recently completed projects. These include modern glass staircases, bespoke floating staircases and luxury furniture fittings.

This article will discuss nine key reasons you should consider using a glass staircase in your home.

Nine main reasons to choose glass staircases for your home

The use of glass staircases has become popular in modern architecture and interior design. Glass stairs are elegant, create illusions, and are easy to clean. Here are the reasons you should consider glass staircases while upgrading your home.

#1. They provide unmatched aesthetic appeal

A glass staircase is super stylish and can offer a touch of modern sophistication that will integrate well with the design of your home, office, or any other building it is fitted in. Glass is naturally shiny and reflective, a factor that makes a space feel polished and well kept. It prevents the interiors of the space from appearing dull. Therefore, if you want to modernize your traditional, contemporary, or even hallway, a glass staircase is the best option.

#2. Easy to clean and maintain

A glass staircase is easy to clean and maintain. Using a clean piece of cloth and any commercial glass cleaning product, you can have your stairs sparkling clean within a few minutes. Furthermore, maintaining a glass staircase is relatively easy. Also, the quality of glass does not deteriorate over time, and if it gets scratches or other damages, polishing will fix the damages and restore its looks.

#3. It is solid and durable

Although many people still perceive glass as a fragile and easy-to-break material, tempered glass is exceptionally robust. A glass staircase is more durable than one made of wood or metal. Wood as a material is prone to pest infestation, rendering it useless, while metal, if not painted with high-quality non-corrosive paint, is prone to corrosion. Furthermore, glass staircases can last for decades, and their durability is constant.

#4. It allows light in

Unlike other materials used in the construction of staircases, a glass staircase will not obstruct any light in your space, hence brightening up a room. Glass staircases enhance natural sunlight to enter a building, creating a more open and airy feeling indoors. 

#5. They’re easily customizable

Another reason you should consider glass staircases is that they are easily customizable. Hence you can choose one that blends well with your interior décor. Whether your building has a traditional or modern style, you will get one that fits your needs.

Glass staircases are available in various designs, textures, colours, sizes, and shapes, which enables you to select the one that will work best for your home, your style, and your budget. 

#6. Creates an illusion of extra space

Fixing a glass staircase not only brightens but also opens up a space. Glass staircases open up your space to natural light and reflect light into your interiors, making the space appear more significant than it is.

Also, suppose you have a smaller space. In that case, you can install glass staircases in different areas of your home to create an illusion of extra space without necessarily interfering with the present design.

#7. Easy to install

Glass staircases are relatively easy to install compared to other materials such as wood, steel or iron. Some consist of only two parts; a railing and the glass panels making the installation process a breeze.

 When you hire a professional glass installation team to fix it for you, the whole process will be complete within no time.

#8. Increases property value

You can increase the value of your home by installing glass staircases. A glass staircase creates a modern and classy look which will for sure appeal to modern homeowners. Also, they provide security which is one primary aspect homebuyers look for when searching for an ideal home to buy. 

Furthermore, a cantilevered staircase creates an illusion making the space appear more significant than it is hence increasing the value of your home. 

#9. Complements other materials

Glass staircases are versatile, look great with any design and perfectly complement any other material included during the installation. The glass staircase will complement the overall look, whether you use stones, wood or metal as handrails or risers. 


Installing a glass staircase is the most optimal choice for adding a modern touch to your home. A glass staircase provides tons of benefits over other materials. It is solid and durable, allows light in, is easy to clean and maintain and creates an illusion of extra space. Whether you are modernizing your property or building a new one, you should consider installing a glass staircase.


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