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The Importance of Carpet Samples: How to Make the Right Choice


So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect carpet to spruce up your space, and you’re considering shopping online. You’re used to heading to a store and seeing visual examples of carpets, so this world of virtual carpet shopping is all new to you. Well, know that you’re making the right choice. You can explore many more options when you use the internet.

But, one thing people find tricky about online shopping is not seeing the item in real life. Indeed, when it comes to carpet, it can look totally different in-person from how it looks in photos. This is where carpet samples come in.

Why Are Carpet Samples Important?

Carpet samples may seem like tiny swatches of fabric, but they pack a punch when it comes to making the right choice. Here’s why they matter:

Visual Assessment: Carpet samples allow you to see the colour, texture, and quality up close. No more relying solely on-screen images. It can be difficult to shop for carpets online since you only see photos. Thus, samples give tangible pieces you can evaluate. 

Matching Magic: They help ensure your carpet harmonises with your room’s existing decor, from furniture to wall colours.

Some carpet retailers will charge you for samples. This is something that you want to watch out for. But, at the Flooring Hut, you can order samples for free. They’re dispatched right to your door so you can try them.

Types of Carpet Samples

Before we delve into how to make the most of carpet samples, let’s talk about the types you’ll encounter:

Swatches: Small, single pieces of carpet material.

Larger Samples: Bigger pieces to give you a better idea of how it’ll look.

Tile Samples: Smaller squares arranged to show how the pattern looks when installed.

Each type has its perks, so choose the one that suits your needs. Often, a retailer will tell you the sample type they’ll give you. Generally, the bigger the sample is, the better it’ll be to see if you like it.

Ordering Carpet Samples

Now, the fun part – ordering your carpet samples. Follow these steps to ensure you get the right ones:

Select the Right Retailer: Opt for an online retailer that offers samples. In particular, choose one that gives you them for free. This means you don’t have to outlay money to see various options.

Consider Your Space: Think about the size of your room and the lighting conditions when selecting samples. After all, you want samples you genuinely like.

Choose Your Favourites: Pick a few samples that catch your eye, but don’t go overboard. You want manageable options.

Making the Most of Carpet Samples

You’ve got your carpet samples in hand. What’s next? Here’s how to put them to good use:

Different Lighting: Examine your samples in various lighting conditions, from natural daylight to cosy evening lighting. Don’t forget to use artificial lighting too. You want to replicate every type of lighting to see what the carpet will look like.

Room Comparison: Place your samples alongside your furniture and decor to see how they all play together. After all, you want to ensure they match and work well.

Touch and Feel: Don’t forget to run your fingers through the samples. Texture matters, and it can play a part in whether you like a room in your house.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these common pitfalls when using carpet samples:

Not Testing in Different Lighting: Colours can look drastically different under various lighting conditions. Make sure you dry the carpet sample in the morning and last thing at night.

Ignoring Existing Decor: Failing to consider your room’s existing elements can lead to clashing styles. This is the last thing you want since the flooring should complement the room.

Skipping the Texture Test: How the carpet feels underfoot is just as important as how it looks. Try to walk over it and see how it feels. Even just brushing your hands over it can give a good idea of what it might be like as flooring.

The Benefits of Using Carpet Samples

Why bother with all this sample fuss? Well, here’s why:

No More Regrets: Samples help prevent that dreaded buyer’s remorse. What you see is what you get.

Visualise the End Result: They’re like a sneak peek into your carpet’s future in your home.


Before you dive in and make a huge carpet purchase, ensure you’re doing the right thing by ordering a sample. This makes online shopping a lot easier and more successful. You can gain a better idea if you like the quality of the carpet, as well as the colour and texture. Stick to the retailers that offer free samples.


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