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Beautiful wall stickers and exclusive personalised stickers


If you feel the need to renovate the walls of your home, because maybe they seem dull, bare and monotonous, or the walls of your shop or office and you want to give them a new life, then you are on the right site!

Tenstickers has beautiful wall stickers, but above all they are original, distinctive, colourful and stylish. The stickers that are sold allow you to decorate your walls with simplicity at a very economical cost.

But that’s not all! Because Tenstickers also gives you the possibility to create exclusive personalised wall stickers, so you can decorate any space in an original and different way.

We will show you which categories of wall stickers are sold by Tenstickers and how to make your own stickers.

Wall sticker categories

Here is a list of all the categories you can choose from:

  • Animal stickers;
  • Motivational quotes stickers;
  • Kids stickers;
  • Football stickers;
  • Dogs, Cats, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Butterflies stickers;
  • Flowers and plants stickers;
  • Famous phrases stickers;
  • Gastronomy stickers;
  • Optical illusions stickers;
  • Christmas stickers.

There are also many other sections you can choose from. Now, let’s see how to place and stick the sticker on the wall.

Place the sticker on the wall

The wall sticker is sandwiched between two protective layers, one on the front and one on the back.

First of all, the sticker should be placed on the wall and fixed provisionally with tape. Once you are sure of the position you like best, then you can start applying it.

How to remove the front and back

The second step is to remove the protective foil located on the back and start slowly attaching the sticker to the wall.

The procedure is very similar to that of StickerYou’s temporary tattoos: just remove the veil on the back and the sticker will stick, then the front one has to be removed.

First, you have to start from the top and you have to gradually remove the lower protective veil.

How to create a personalised sticker on Tenstickers

On the website, you can create a personalised sticker very easily. First, you have to decide whether you want a text, an image of your choice, a design or all three.

You can decide whether you want the sticker to be coloured or monochrome, whether you prefer the shaped sticker or the photo wall sticker, and finally, you can customise the size according to your needs.

Useful information

When requesting your sticker, it is important that the photos are in high definition, preferably as vector files. In addition, the colours of your stickers will be matt, but with an incredibly unique definition.

The measurements are calculated according to the overall design you send.

In conclusion

Tenstickers has an incredibly large selection of stickers, so much so that there is one very nice section. This is the collection of beautiful original stickers.

So you can renew any area in a unique and amazing way.

All you have to do is choose and apply!

Moreover, thanks to the cooperation and help of Tenstickers, you can say goodbye to all those annoying and ugly wrinkles and air bubbles that form during application.


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