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Casino Design Psychology 101


We are all used to the look of casinos, mostly because they all look similar in a way. There is a good reason for this, the reason being that casinos use design features in a specific way that has a psychological effect on players. 

They use different architectural choices such as the floor plan, lighting, audio, colors, and different features to keep the player in the casino. There is a psychology behind the design of a casino and its layout and owners use these tricks to ensure that their business has a continuous profit.

The Floor Plan

If you have ever stepped into a casino, you probably noticed that the floor plan is quite complicated and interesting. Casinos intentionally design their interior in such a way that it feels like you are in a maze, with the goal that the exit is not found so easily, and believe it or not this works on people.

 Imagine the scenario where you are in a casino and are trying to find the exit, but you spot a game you haven’t yet tried or seen before and you decide to stay and try it out. This is a very similar strategy to one that IKEA uses. In order to get to the exit, you must deliberately pass through every aisle in the store.

Audio and Visual

One of the most common features casinos use, as well as online casinos use, is audio and visual effects to attract and motivate players to play longer. On comparison sites like CasinoHawks.com you can see how various online casinos use animations and coloring in order to stand out. The game where this is most noticeable is slots, whenever you play a slot machine there are interesting and exciting sounds that are played when the wheels are spinning and of course, the sound you hear when you get a big win. This is one of the things that gives players satisfaction and enjoyment when they play slots. The sound that comes from slot machines also works indirectly, for example when people hear other players win at slots they are encouraged to take bigger risks and play more.

Background music is also a big part of casinos, but it needs to be at a specific volume. The music in the casino is not overpowering, meaning it is not too loud but just loud enough for you to hear it slightly. This music is used to relax you and make you more positive, if the music was too loud it would not have a good effect on players.

As for the visual part of the design, it is noticed through lighting and visual and video effects. 

Casinos are always well-lit because this gives players a happy and positive feel. Nobody wants to be in a dark room playing casino games, this is exactly why casinos use so much light. Another way lights are applied in casinos is by reflecting them off of certain parts of the casino. The lighting in a casino is made to reflect off of gold surfaces so it gives the entire casino a more luxurious and glamorous feel. Lights in the casino also need to be a certain color and scale because certain colors are associated with different moods.

Casinos use video screens to project different things. They use video screens to project certain offers and to market their games. In simpler terms, video screens are used for digital advertising.

Casinos have a very specific design language that helps them ensure repeat customers and new ones as well. Interesting psychological tricks are used to affect your mood and thoughts. It is not by coincidence that almost all casinos use the same design language and psychology, they use it because it does actually work and it has a bigger effect than you might think. Almost every detail in a casino is there because of a particular reason.


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