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How to Update Your Kitchen Worktops


Is your kitchen in need of an update? Have you looked at prices of new kitchens and thought there’s no way you can update your kitchen worktops or units without winning the Premium Bonds or National Lottery? 

Never fear! You too can have a new kitchen without spending eleventy billion pounds or selling your first born. 

How to update your kitchen worktops 

I’m not going to go over how to update your whole kitchen in this article, but I’ll show you how to update your kitchen worktops on a budget. 

Clean your kitchen worktops

Here’s a nice easy suggestion to get you started. 

Clean your kitchen worktops. 

I’m not suggesting you live like a total slob and your kitchen worktops are stained with years of spilt cups of coffee and leaky takeaway cartons but a good clean, rather than just a bit of a wipe when you’ve finished doing the washing up, will make a huge difference. 

If you’re a hotel, restaurant or other business with a commercial kitchen, hire the services of a commercial cleaning company to get a real, good, proper deep clean. 

Re-varnish wooden worktops

If your worktops are wooden, re-varnishing them will give them a whole new lease of life. You can simply re-varnish them in the same colour they already are for a refresh, or choose a different colour stain for a whole new look. 

Of course, for a high standard of finish, you should prepare your wooden worktops properly first but sanding them too will allow you to go for a lighter stain if you fancy a change. 

Put sticky-backed plastic on your worktops

Whether you’re old-school and call it sticky-backed plastic or you know it as Fablon, self-adhesive vinyl sheeting is easy to apply and comes in every colour and pattern you can imagine. 

Although I’ve said sticky-backed plastic is easy to apply, you’ll still need care and patience if you want it to look good and not be full of bubbles and wrinkles. But on the whole, sticky-backed plastic is a fabulous way to give your kitchen worktops an update while stamping your personality on them. 

Paint your kitchen worktops

If you don’t think you’ve got the patience for the sticky-backed plastic route but you do like the idea of stamping your personality over your kitchen worktops with a design that’s a bit different, then you can always paint your worktops. 

Painting kitchen worktops isn’t just limited to wooden ones, laminate worktops can be painted too. Just make sure you prepare them properly. 

Clear your kitchen worktops of clutter

Am I really suggesting clearing your kitchen worktops of clutter will make your kitchen look like new? Well, yes and no. It depends how cluttered your kitchen worktops are, but if you move any unused or rarely used appliances into a cupboard (or sell them if they’re really unused) and either leave your worktops clutter-free or replace the appliances with books or plants instead, your kitchen will look completely different.

As you can see from the above, there are ways to update your kitchen worktops without spending a fortune.  


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