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Want a Home Studio for Your Creative Side Hustles? How to Design Your Dream Space


Long before the global pandemic hit, literally forcing people to work from home much of the time, creatives of all kinds were dreaming of designing a home studio where they could get busy with their side hustles. Sadly, that was something they often tucked into the back of their heads thinking that it just wouldn’t be practical to even consider working a side hustle from home. After all, how effective could that be? How would they go about getting customers and then, where would they find an outlet for what they had to offer?

Actually, it all depends on what kind of creatives you are thinking of and if it really matters where your outlet is. What you should be focusing on is how to design that dream space so that once it’s complete from foundation to roofing structure, you will be ready to step in and create.

A Garden Building Works Best

One thing we can probably all agree on is the fact that a garden building would almost always work best for several reasons, the first being the privacy afforded so necessary for letting the muses out to run free. Whether you are an artist who works with oils or a musician writing and laying down song tracks, there just isn’t space in the home to do much but work in a tiny corner of the kitchen for example.

The garage might work okay, but still noise filters through and you have no way to soundproof it for laying down musical tracks if you still intend to use it for cars and it certainly might not do at all if you are working with oils. The smell alone might be enough to overpower those delicious aromas at meal time since the kitchen and dining room are right there through that door leading to the garage.

A garden building, on the other hand can be located far enough from the home so as not to be bothered by sounds and household activity. Neither will any fumes or odours from various mediums you are working with interfere with mealtimes in the home.

Materials and Supplies to Consider

A DIY project can be quick to complete but you will need to design the structure based on your intended use. For example, if you are an artist who needs bright daylight, you will want that building situated away from trees and other objects that would block direct rays from the sun.

Then, the type of roofing you use can matter as well. You just might want to consider checking the stock on the Clear Amber Shop website to see what kinds of plastic roof sheets they have available. These are easy to install since they come in sheets, and you can choose from corrugated roofing sheets that are clear for optimal sunlight or perhaps a multi-wall polycarbonate sheet for optimal insulation.

The same process for choosing siding and interior walls will make it easy to get your project underway. Bear in mind that you may want to insulate your garden studio so finding the most suitable materials for your building can make the difference between working in comfort or freezing in cold winter months.

What Utilities Will You Need?

If you need to be connected to the internet, you may need to decide what kind of internet service provider would be best suited for your garden dream space and also how you will run electricity out to your building. You may need an electrician but most other things you can do yourself, unless there is inherent danger like when installing any electric sockets or extra circuit breakers in your main box.

It probably won’t be necessary to install a toilet since the house is right there, but you may need a sink for running water if you will be working with paints or any other mediums that need to be washed or diluted. Always check with your local council to see exactly what you can do as a layperson and which part of the job legally require a licensed contractor. It really all depends on what utilities you will need, so that is something very important to look into before starting the work.

It’s a Dream Come True

Since this is something that you’ve always longed for, you can probably thank Covid for giving you the inspiration you needed to get going on that dream space you may never have considered prior to seeing just how easy it was to work from home. Whether you intend to earn an income with that side hustle or are using a side hustle to justify the expense of building your dream space doesn’t really matter. The point is it is your dream and it’s about to be your dream come true. There’s nothing wrong with that, so enjoy!


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