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5 Ways to Remodel the Bathroom without Breaking the Bank


Do you feel that your bathroom looks old and outdated? If you’re out of budget for an upscale remodel, don’t think that you’re also out of luck. It’s true that bathroom improvement projects are one of the most expensive you make inside your home, but you can also create a massive impact even with a little budget. Take a look around your bathroom and check if you can do these minor cosmetic changes for cheap, and enjoy an almost brand new bath.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do immense wonders to your bathroom’s look all at a cost that you can easily afford. According to Building Sheriff, a bathroom paint job can cost between £85 to

£295, depending on the size of the bath and extent of the paintining job (walls, ceiling, door frame, skirting etc.). If you have the time and patience to do the painting job yourself, you’ll even save more on labor costs.

Since the bathroom is in constant exposure to moisture, choose a type of paint that with a glossy finish to prevent the growth of molds and mildew.

Think of Prettier Storage

Decorative shelves, cabinetry, and drawers can use some inexpensive upgrades. You can buy them cheap from specialty retailers, or if you’re okay with used, look for them at online classifieds like Gumtree and VivaStreet. If you still like the ones you have but have stains and scratches, a new layer of paint and finish can pretty them up.

More Efficient Fixtures

Another way great way to spruce up your bathroom is to replace old fixtures with new ones. An old toilet consumes more water when you flush; in which case, a bidet toilet proves to be a better replacement. Low-flow showerheads and motion sensors don’t have to be expensive too if you shop wisely. There’s always a cheaper replica for nearly every costly bathroom fixtures you find in big box stores.

Re-think Your Tile

If you dream of tiling the entire bathroom, then prepare for some significant expense. But if you’re willing to compromise to tile just the floor and the lower portion of the wall, then you’re looking at substantial savings. You may add a dose of luxury to your bathroom tiles by buying just a few pieces of intricate tiles and work them with the cheaper tiles. Also note that tiles in primary and neutral colors are often in-demand, so they tend to get expensive. Settle for a tile color that’s less common and your pocket will thank you.

Repair and Refinish But Don’t Replace

You may think that your tiles need replacement because they look dull and dirty, but it’s probably just the grout and caulk. Put in some elbow grease and clean up the grout and your bathroom tiles should look like new in no time. It may also be easy to think that a new bathtub is cheap, but when you add in the labor cost for plumbing and installation, the price could balloon to something you don’t expect. You can always refinish an old bathtub at a minimal cost, and you’d be happy to be soaking in once again.


Your bathroom does not have to suffer if you don’t have the budget for a massive remodel. You can opt for smaller and cheaper improvement projects that can increase value and improve efficiency, convenience, and beauty of your bathroom.



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