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The Benefits of Artificial Grass in the Home

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More and more people are favouring artificial grass over its natural counterpart.  And for good reason too – the benefits of artificial grass are well-documented and only seem to grow in number and strength as time progresses. If you have never before considered the merit of artificial grass, now is your chance – here are just a few of many reasons why you should consider making the switch.


For many, their first glimpse of artificial grass is enough to put them off introducing it into their own home indefinitely. But more often than not, their perception of artificial grass as a whole is muddied by their first experience with it. Most people are likely to have encountered artificial grass for the first time on a 5-a-side-pitch or something similar, yet this kind of artificial grass is designed and developed to be altogether different than a domestic equivalent. Today, artificial lawns are tailor-made to match not only the dimensions of the allotted area, but also their design specifications – meaning that the appearance of a quality artificial lawn can rival even the best natural lawn.


Any visual shortcomings artificial grass may have are off-set by the complete lack of maintenance required to keep it in premium shape. Contrastingly, natural grass necessitates a huge amount of work to look good, and without it, grass can deteriorate very quickly. Artificial grass saves you from both the financial and physical exertions of maintaining a natural lawn. From a convenience perspective then, artificial grass has the edge over natural grass.


The absence of maintenance that artificial grass demands also allows it to outperform natural grass environmentally-speaking too. While a perfectly manicured lawn continually requires the constant addition of water and other chemicals in order to retain its lustre, artificial grass requires next-to-no work whatsoever. Besides saving your own time and energy, opting for an artificial surface also helps to sustain the resources of the planet – especially as climate change continues its march relatively unimpeded.


Opting for artificial grass over natural grass also makes sense from a financial perspective. In spite of the up-front investment, the lack of day-to-day maintenance required by artificial grass means that any repair or maintenance costs are non-existent. Artificial grass surfaces can last up to 15 years, representing strong value for money over time.


In a lot of ways, artificial grass is far more practical than natural grass. With artificial grass, there is no risk of trampling mud into your home.  Similarly, there is a reduced risk of waterlogging, as all water simply drains through the fibres that make up the artificial grass surface. Artificial grass is also designed with pets in mind – all quality artificial grass surfaces are safe, hygienic and soft for pets.

The UK is leading the surge towards artificial grass. And, after reading this post, hopefully you now have a better grasp of why this trend is taking over. If you are considering an artificial grass solution for your own home, why not try free artificial grass samples, so that you can fully understand the merits of following in the footsteps of so many others.


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