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10 Ideas That Can Transform the Style of a Small Bedroom


Are you one of those people who dream about having a big bedroom like the ones from the movies? But in reality, your bedroom can barely fit your bed and work desk? We feel you, but hey, did you know that small rooms are trending? Interior designers from all over the world are almost competing who can arrange a cuter and better-looking small bedroom, and we love every single one of them. The way they use the space, and make more out of nothing is pure magic and something similar we have prepared for you today.

How many times have you heard that small steps or small ideas can make the most significant changes? Although it may sound like a cliche, it is definitely not one, this actually works. The thing is, we people are too complicated sometimes. We are afraid to make some big changes because we do not want to get a dramatic makeover. But, on the other hand, we do not want to make small changes because we think they cannot make a notable difference. Then what? We leave everything like it is, don’t we? That is why we gathered some of the best ideas that are so easy, yet they can refresh your space and give it a totally different layout and look.

1. Brighten It Up

For starters, your bedroom can look bigger if you paint it white. There is no other color that can provide such an effect, so keep your walls white. If you want to avoid that sterile and plain appearance, play a bit with textures. Add a throw blanket or a puffy rug to add a bit of volume and texture to your room.

2. Bed Position

We all tend to treat our bed as the centerpiece in the bedroom, but when you have limited space, placing your bed in the center is a wrong decision. Move your bed to a corner, you will get more space in the center of the room, and your bed will look like a cozy resting corner.

3. Keep It Minimalistic

If you are a fan of minimalism, you can use popular built-ins to save some space for storage, and generally, to avoid piling up things that do not belong in the bedroom. Anything that is not sleep-related can be moved into another room, so you can maximize your space and keep it neat and clutter-free.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Use the well-known trick with mirrors to achieve the illusion of a bigger space. Place a large mirror against the window, so it reflects sunlight and adds depth to the room. You do not have to hang it. You can just lean it against a wall.

5. Go Green

Adding plants will bring your space to life, especially if you decide to make your own urban jungle. You can combine custom metal wall art with lush greenery to create a unique wall composition that will make your room look more modern and become the centerpiece of the bedroom.

6. Fairy Lights

String lights and other types of twinkling lights are no longer reserved for the holiday season. They are a beautiful way to add more light to your space and make it look more cozy and homey. Hang them from the ceiling, or around the headboard, anywhere you think it fits, and the effect will be stunning.

7. Wall Gallery

You do not have to have a massive plain wall to hang some wall art and curate your own gallery. Just use frames and pictures that have smaller dimensions, and you can get the same effect. Arrange pictures asymmetrically and use different frames to spice things up a little bit.

8. Bold Contrasts

Monochromatic design is not the best solution for small bedrooms, it is much better to combine two colors, like black and white, navy and white, turquoise with white, etc. Basically, any color in combination with white will get you that vibrant effect.

9. Innovative Nightstands

When you have a small room, you cannot always fit two standard nightstands, so sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Pile some old magazines or books on one side, or find a pair of vintage suitcases that can carry a few necessities.

10. Wall Niches

Wall niches are such a trend because they bring those Mediterranean vibes into the home, and they can serve as extra storage space for books, plants, alarm clocks, decorative items, or anything else you would usually keep on your nightstand.

The Bottom Line

We hope that you will try some of our suggestions and that you will start looking at your small bedroom with different eyes. In the end, it does not matter how small or big the room is, what is important is that you get a bedroom where you will love spending time. Your bedroom should be your sleep sanctuary, so give it some TLC from time to time, and try some of our style recommendations.


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