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7 tips to renovate your home without breaking the bank


It is natural to upgrade and remodel your home if you have been living in it for many years. It requires a lot of effort, time and energy to renovate your space and there are a lot of things that you must keep in mind no matter how little the work is. You need to first ‘know what you’re getting into.’

Mentioned below are 7 quick tips that will help you renovate your home smoothly.

Setup a strategy

Be realistic! Before stepping on the accelerator, it is recommended to create a plan because a goal without a plan is only a wish and ends up in failure. You need to know your end goal. It is important if you prioritize your things whether you’re looking to renovate your lounge, garden, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Break-down your plan and prioritize between labor work, appliances or decorations. Also, make A, B, and C plans (if plan A fails for any reason, you should have plan B ready). You better take your time to choose the options that will suit you best. A precise plan will help you decide how well the project will be executed.

Create a budget

Sticking up to a limited budget is one is the most difficult parts of renovation. Before creating a budget, ask yourself if you are really up for this and why. Know your limits and make a master checklist of every item that you need.

You can never underestimate the cost that comes with the renovation (raw material, product, transportation, contract, labor cost, electricity, and hundreds of extra overhead costs. Do not forget to add long-term maintenance and repair cost in your budget.). It is highly recommended to figure out your finances first to make sure that you won’t end up breaking the bank!

Pro-tip: Always add a contingency plan and backup capital for unexpected costs. Save 10% of your finances to avoid uncertain events including poor weather conditions, transportation delays, shortage of material, unexpected delays, etc.

Select your products

Before purchasing the product, consider whether you need it or not and why you need that specific product. Get multiple quotes from the vendors. Consider the pros and cons of every product that you select.

Compare the brands regarding price, quality, durability, and end-result. Keep in mind and remind yourself that you’re renovating for the future. Follow the trends but always go for classy products because they’re never out-of-fashion. Try to be a negotiator, and for that, you need to have a strong communication-game. Look for the best deals and discounts in the market.

Pro-tip: if you’re running out of your budget, you can always leave the smaller jobs and do-it-yourself (including painting, decorations, ripping off the carpets, etc.).

Get advice

Research is one of the major parts of renovating. Take time to look for ideas and options. Talk to your family or friends who have hands-on experience in renovations. An architect will always be able to convince you of something you don’t really need.

It is better to talk to someone who can remind you if you really need this thing or not. You will thank yourself later. Also, you will get to know what challenges they have faced during the process of renovation.

Consulting others will help you jot down ideas and perceptions from other’s point-of-view. This will help you in creating a better version of your end-project.

Pro-Tip: Check the internet for millions of ideas.

Mark your calendar

It is recommended to make a Gannt chart for your project. In this way, you can find out how effectively and at what speed your project is going. Do visit the site daily or twice a day to make sure that everything is going at the pace you need.

Mark and pen-down every detail (for example any upcoming holiday, shortage of material) to avoid work delays. Check-in every day even if your contractor wants you to visit once a week. Work efficiently!

Go for quality

By investing in supreme quality, you will avoid regrets in future. Never compromise on the quality if you’re running out of the budget. Keep it in your mind that it is a one-time investment. If the quality of your products is excellent, it means avoiding maintenance and repair costs as well.

Consider this as your long-term goals and not just short-term gains. Check the internet and compare the pros and cons of every product. I bet you’ll b able to find it right through within your budget.

Be patient

It takes a lot of time and energy in re-creating something. You must remain patient throughout the renovation process. There are up and downs and a lot of challenges. The more you prolong the problem, the more they will arrive. However, when the work is done, you will always enjoy the results and cherish all your hard work.


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