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10 Tips to Help Sell Your House


Is your house still on the market? Need some advice on how to sell it? Well, you need to read our tips on selling a house.

Has your home not been bought yet? Whether it’s the current housing market or just a lack of house viewings, selling your home is difficult enough. But, there’s nothing more frustrating when selling a house, than seeing it remain on the market for months and months on end. Sure, you’ve had everything done, the property valuation and got on board with the ‘right’ estate agent, but still, your home’s not selling. You could have the best house in the world, and yet it may not be selling. So, how do you get your ‘For Sale’ sign changed to ‘Sold’?

There are so many things that factor into the sale of a good property. Everything from timing to asking for the right price, the housing market is a fickle thing. Amera Property Management Team says that in order to get your property sold, you need to know about all the ins and outs of selling a house. We’ve teamed up with leading estate agents, Essex Countryside, to bring you all the information on selling a house. In this step by step guide, we’ll be giving out some free tips to help you sell your house. Keep reading to find out our top 10 tips to help you sell your house…

  1. Roadside Appeal

Think about the presentation of your house. What’s the first thing buyers are going to see? Unless they spot it online or in your estate agents window, some potential buyers may be driving or walking past your house. They will see the ‘For Sale’ sign outside, and either be intrigued or put off. A potential buyer’s first impression of your home is going to be from the outside, looking onto your property from the road ride. So, it’s important to give off the right impression. After all, first impressions are the ones that matter.

To make your house the best it can be, make sure your own perception of your home, matches the outside. Maybe it’s time to tidy up the front garden, or even give the outside a fresh coat of paint. Windows should be cleaned, and everything should be tidy and presented well. Your house needs to be appealing from the outside, so make it look great.

  1. TLC

Whilst we’re talking about making everything clean and tidy, it goes without saying that the inside of your home, should be as immaculate as the outside. The most common problem when it comes to selling a house, is that home’s look too lived in. Whilst this may sound a bit ridiculous, a potential buyer is viewing your home to see if they can imagine living here. So, what happens when they come across loads of clutter and décor that they don’t like? Or they spot some paint scuffs or catch a ‘whiff’ of something that smells funny. Most buyers won’t be able to see past this at all, meaning it could put them off buying your house.

Get out those boxes! It’s time to pack away some of the clutter around your home. You need to find the balance between showroom and lived in home. You need to make your home appealing to all, so get rid of anything that may be a little dated or unfashionable (by get rid, we mean pack away). Before you think about selling, do those much-needed improvements around the home. Only the minor things, like painting scuffs and giving your house a good, deep clean. It will benefit you in the long run too. Also, maybe give your dog a bath too. A smelly dog = a smelly home, so take your pooch for a bath before you let any viewers round.

  1. The Estate Agent

If your house isn’t selling, it might be time to find a different estate agent. You need your estate agent to be as keen to sell your house as you are. And that means, you want constant updates, viewer after viewer booked in and more. If you’re estate agent isn’t as full on as you think they should be, ditch them. It’s time to sign on with an expert whose got the knowledge of the current housing market, local area and years of experience behind them too.

Whilst an online estate agent may seem like a good idea, nothing can beat actually meeting someone face to face, and interacting with them too. You’ll see their passion and their drive, and both are key qualities to get your house sold. Find an estate agent with a good camera too. A big part of how people view your home is the quality of the photos that come alongside it. Any good estate agency will have either a high-quality camera or a pro photographer to snap some pictures of your home. But above all, make sure they have the knowledge of the area. They’ll know what the right price is and how to attract interest too.

  1. The Price is Right

One of the sneakiest and most devious tactics some estate agents will employ, is over pricing your home. Bear with us on this one. Whilst not every estate agency does this, some will bump up the price of your home in a valuation, in order to entice you into selling with them. After all, this is where estate agents profit the most. So, after time your house doesn’t sell, because the price is deterring potential buyers. Then your agent will come along and suggests you knock down the price, to the actual price of the home. They will have kept you on and you’ll be none the wiser. Be wary of estate agents over pricing your home. It’s always important to get a second and third opinion. Luckily, most estate agencies will offer a free home valuation. Always get another opinion on the price.

  1. Right Time

Timing is key when it comes to selling a house. If your house is on the market at the wrong time, it can have a huge impact on your home not selling. But, how do you know when it’s the right time? Well, most estate agents judge the sale of a house by three timing factors.

  • Seasonal

This is probably the one that affects a house sale the least, but it can still sway some potential buyers. Most house sell better in the spring. They photograph better, look better and most people look to move home in the spring. Christmas is out of the way and no one has any their summer holidays planned for spring time. It’s the ideal time for most to move.

  • Housing Market

The housing market of course impacts the sale of a home. If the housing market is particularly bad, most people won’t look to buy, as they feel they’re not getting the best value for their purchase. A bad housing market affects buyer confidence, and nobody wants to go into a sale with no confidence, right?

  • Economy

If unemployment is up and wages are at a low, it may be the wrong time to put your house on the market. Buying a house is an investment, and people are less likely to invest when the economy isn’t doing so well.

Consider all of these timing aspects before selling your home. Sometimes, it’s all about timing.

  1. Feature your Features

Many homes have a selling point. Something that flips a potential buyer into a ‘take my money now!’ buyer. But everyone is different. Some look for excess storage space or a warming fire place in the front room. Maybe a space outside for a BBQ or even the potential for a pool? Whatever it is, you need to show off what you’ve got. Chances are, the thing that makes your house unique is the thing that will make someone put their money down. So, if it’s summer, get the BBQ out and your outdoor seating too. Really emphasise your features. Got a log burner? Well, get it alight and burning away. You may catch the eye of a potential buyer with a great feature, they never knew they needed.

  1. The Great Outdoors

Whilst we’re on the subject of showing off, one of the biggest things that will sway a buyer is the garden. Yes, your garden is something that needs to be up to scratch when it comes to selling. Neat and tidy, make sure that your garden is appealing. Pack away the kid’s toys, trim those hedges and cut that grass! You’re trying to show a potential buyer the potential of your home, and for that to happen it needs to look appealing. A good garden can sway a sale, so make it great.

  1. Get Out!

Nothing is more off putting for house viewers than being surrounded by the people that live in the home. If you’re lurking around every corner whilst your estate agent shows people around, it can be very off putting. In addition, prospective buyers are looking at the potential of living in your home. So, how can they picture themselves and their family living there, if there’s someone hanging around. We understand that it’s your home, but if you can get out the way, you should. Chances are the viewers will speak more freely, allowing the estate agent to talk to them about the property without you eavesdropping. So, give them a little space if you can.

  1. Finding the one

Reliable buyers are key when it comes to selling a house. If you can’t find someone who is going to follow through with the sale, you won’t sell. Most of the time, a potential buyer may trap you in a selling chain. They put an offer on your house, without selling their own first, meaning you’re stuck until they sell. This could take, what feels like, forever. Whilst an interested buyer is a good thing, its about finding the right buyer for your house. Someone who can follow through with the sale and has, hopefully, already sold their home. That’s why it’s good for most if you sell your house, before you look for a new one. It eases the process up everyone involved. Find the right buyer for your home, not just any buyer.

  1. Different Plan…

If all of the above still hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to rethink and re-strategise. Ask you estate agent for some feedback as to what viewers thought of your home. Is there a running theme throughout them all? If so, maybe take a step back and consider if it is the right time to sell. Is there any work you could take out the increase the value of your home? You could look into getting planning permission, to entice buyers into the potential of expanding your home. Or maybe it’s just about waiting for the right time. Taking your house off the market and putting it on again when the time is right. The economy or weather might improve over time (probably not the latter, let’s face it, it’s England after all). It’s never ideal, but a new house on the market is better than one that’s been sitting there for months. If you can, take a step back and rethink. Your house might do better on the market with improvements or at a different time.

And there you are! These are our top 10 tips. If you follow these steps from the experts, you could get your house off the market and sold! You need the right team behind you, and the right presentation of your house too. So, always use the pro estate agents, who are as eager as you are to sell your home. Always ask what an agency can do for you and get a second opinion on your house price. Hopefully, these tips can help you get your home sold!


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