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Choosing Between a Tower Fan and a Ceiling Fan – What Should You Consider?


Proper air ventilation and cooling are really important in a room – air conditioning can mean the difference between a tempered and fresh room or a humid and hot one. Especially as climate change is kicking up and everywhere around the world we see record temperatures. For a lot of people, who don’t want to spend a lot of money on central air conditioning, the choice is between getting a tower or a ceiling fan. They are relatively inexpensive and effective in cooling down rooms by a substantial degree. So, which one should you buy? This article will help you find out.

More Flexibility with a Tower Fan

Let’s assume you usually spend a lot of your time in the bedroom reading, and that’s why you decide to buy a ceiling fan for your bedroom, and you enjoy the cooler atmosphere. For some reason or another, after a month, you decide to spend a lot of time in the living room playing or watching movies, but you find out your living room is too hot too. What can you do? You can’t just remove the ceiling fan from your bedroom’s ceiling and install it in the living room. And even if you could, it can damage the ceiling fan and reduce its lifespan substantially.

In contrast, if you decide to buy a tower fan, you can easily unplug it from your bedroom and put it in your living room. This scenario is a good way to illustrate how flexible are tower fans. You can move it to the side of your bed when you sleep, you can move it to the living room when playing, and you can move it to the kitchen when cooking and eating. If you want to do the same with a ceiling fan, you usually need to install a fan in each room. You can even take a tower fan with you when camping/moving easily if you bought a small box fan.

More Efficient Air Circulation with a Ceiling Fan

A cursory knowledge of physics will be enough to realize why ceiling fans are more efficient in circulating air. They are usually in a wide-open space just under the ceiling where the fans can rotate easily without any impediment, and this makes circulating air throughout the room and cooling it down extremely easy. Tower fans, on the other hand, have to work on the ground, and this makes them less efficient and require more energy.

Although, there two asterisks to this point.

  •  In larger rooms, it is extremely hard for a ceiling fan to adequately circulate enough air to cool down the whole room. Unless you decide to buy a really big fan. In these cases, a tower fan will be very efficient.
  • In smaller rooms like a bathroom, a ceiling fan might not be the best bathroom fan as it is an overkill, and you can probably get the same results if you buy a tower fan.

Aside from these two exceptions, if you really value efficiency and you want to keep your electricity bill as low as possible, you should definitely buy a ceiling fan.


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