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Reasons to reform your home with microcement


When we are thinking about reforming our house, the materials are one of our concerns, as they are extremely important. Choosing the right material for the right place is essential to succeed and have the best result that is possible. 

Due to that, we want to talk to you about the advantages of microcement and the reasons why reforming your home with microcement is a good idea.

What is microcement?

Microcement has come to stay and the reasons behind this new trend in the building sector are a few.

But why? Microcement is a cement which is a polymer-based coating, formulated with cement, additives, resins, aggregates and pigments.

With this mixture a uniform paste of barely 3 millimeters is created that it is thought to apply thinly to floors, walls, ceilings or even in other places to create some different effects.

Known too as micro-screed, micro-concrete or micro-topping, microcement is considered too as a lightweight decorative coating. Due to that, one of its common uses is to personalise any kind of surfaces, giving them a luxurious finish.

Advantages of reforming spaces of your home with microcement

As you can see, this material is simple but sophisticated at the same time, but these are not the only advantages that it has.

Microcement helps to maximise spaces thanks to its continuous surface, and this characteristic makes it easier to maintain the cladding. This material has an ‘Easy to clean’ property due to the fact that microcement has no joints, which facilitates its cleaning and its caring.

Besides, we are talking about a very resistant material, considering that microcement can resist high temperatures, abrasion and also the wear and tear without the appearance of cracks.

Because of these many reasons, microcement has become the material chosen for experts to reform and transform spaces, both interior and exterior surfaces.

Microcement, a new trend in decoration

Microcement is one of the latest trends in the world of interior design and that is why this material offers a wide range of possibilities. Of course, one reason for its popularity is its high performance and its durability, which makes it very convenient to apply in interior spaces but also in exterior ones. 

Giving a decorative purpose, microcement not only can be used to cover floors, walls or ceilings, but also it allows furniture to be covered. Designers and decorators highly recommend this material, as it creates a cladding with a continuous design that is attractive, without being a costly, long or difficult work to execute at all.

In short, the application of microcement does not imply an endless renovating process and the result is always a beautiful, consistent and seamless surface. In fact, when microcement is used to decorate surfaces, it does not even require large equipment for its application, so it can be applied easily.

If microcement has conquered your heart, do not hesitate and personalise your home giving it a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere with this material.


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