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Quick DIY Projects You Can Do In A Week

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Spring is the perfect time of year to do some DIY around the house, now that the craziness of Christmas and New Years is past us, we have a few months to improve our homes before we get caught up in all the excitement Summertime has to offer!

While DIY is always at the top of many people’s to-do list there is one part of DIY that can frustrate people and that is that some projects just seem to go on forever, leaving swaths of your home out of bounds for weeks at a time as you chip away at a project after work and over weekends.

To alleviate your stress, we’ve compiled a helpful list of 4 DIY tasks that can be done start to finish in less than a week, making sure that all your spare time for the next months isn’t spent doing DIY, when you could be spending time with your loved ones and planning your Summer BBQs!

Paint A Feature Wall

If you want to give a room a new look in less than a week, you can’t go wrong painting a feature wall. During the week, go to your local homeware store to buy paint and painting supplies. Then at the weekend, simply paint the wall, if you need to do two coats you can paint one on the Saturday and the final coat on the Sunday, giving you a new feature wall ready for the next week.

Upgrade Your Window Blinds

Replacing your home’s blinds in an excellent task that can be done start to finish in less than a week! Simply measure your windows, find your new blinds and order them made to measure on a Monday, online retailers like DotcomBlinds can make & deliver your blinds in as little as a day – allowing you to take down your old blinds on a Saturday and install your new blinds on the Sunday.

Re-Face Your Cabinets

If your kitchen is looking a bit worn out and tired, you can give it a quick facelift by re-facing your kitchen cabinets. During the week, you’ll need to get your hands on some suitable paint, sandpaper and painting supplies. After you finish work on Friday, simply remove the doors from the cabinets and sand them gently – Then over the weekend paint the faces of the cabinets and re-attach them once the paint is dry, your kitchen will look as good as new in a jiffy.

Plant Flowerbeds in Your Garden

Finally, within a week, you can transform your turf garden into a flowery oasis, if you’re happy to get your hands dirty. During the week mark out on your garden’s grass where you’d like to put flowerbeds and take a trip to your nearest garden centre to get some flowers, soil and tools. Then during the weekend, dig up the space you marked out on your lawn removing the grass and leaving the soil below. Once the grass is removed, simply just plant your new flowers and add soil as necessary to complete your flowerbeds.


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