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How To Create An Inviting Space With Plants


It’s safe to say that most people enjoy a welcoming home, whether you’re living in it or just visiting. There’s nothing better after a long and tiring day than walking into your home and feeling a sense of comfort and warmth. And it can also make you feel better when someone visits your home and tells you that your home is inviting and cozy. Doesn’t it feel nice knowing that you’ve turned your home into a place that people don’t want to leave?

So, how can you turn your home into an inviting space? Gladly, you no longer have to look far for the answer as plants are your best buddies in this mission.

Why Use Plants When Decorating Your Home?

You don’t have to be a gardener or a landscaper to appreciate how attractive plants are. However, beyond their captivating beauty, you’ll discover that the benefits that they can give you go beyond what your eyes can see.

  • Plants can help you decrease your stress levels and create a sense of well-being.

Being close to greenery can make you feel more at ease with your home. Thus you’ll experience less stress. Plants can help you create a relaxed and quiet home while making it more exciting and stimulating aesthetically. With these qualities, plants can help you make people in your home more productive, more active, and happier.

  • Plants help you improve your air quality.

Shrubs, flowers, herbs, and even weeds can help you fight off Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and the headaches and respiratory problems that come with it. Poor air quality, excessive light and humidity, and undesirable noise can cause SBS. However, plants can tackle some of these issues by helping fight off airborne dust, keeping your temperature down, and increasing humidity.

  • Plants help lower the background noise in your area.

Greenery can help you reduce the background noise inside your home. They absorb, reflect, and disperse background noise—making your home environmentally comfortable.

Plants That Can Thrive Indoors

  1. Aloe vera

This plant can be perfect for your busy schedule since you only need to water it every two to three weeks.

  1. Snake Plant

This greenery loves being confined in a pot, which means that it doesn’t need much space. Plus, it thrives better when you ignore it.

  1. Bromeliads

This plant can make your home brighter, especially if you’re living in a hot area. Give it a lot of sunlight, and it will give you colored foliage in return.

  1. Jade
This beautiful plant is a low maintenance one, which means it can still thrive without giving it much care.

  1. Rabbit’s ear

This plant can thrive without getting watered after a period of time, since it has hairy leaves that aid in water loss prevention.

How To Make Your Home Inviting Using Plants?

Once you have researched what kind of plants can be good in your home, you can then incorporate them into your decorations.

  1. You can group all of your favorite plants together.

Combine different plants to help their beauty shine. Yes, single greenery is already lovely on its own. However, you should never underestimate the power of a group. You can group dragon tree, columnea, and croton together, for instance.

You can mix plants of different:

  • Heights
  • Textures
  • Colors
  1. You can use plants to decorate your shelves.

You can showcase your different plants like a prized collection on a shelf. This can also be a great way of keeping them out of reach from your pets and kids, like the way hanging plants in baskets do. Plus, putting them together like this will give them an artistic look, which can help them shine. You can use small greenery such as primroses, lichens, and daisies.

  1. You can use large plants to control traffic flow.

You can utilize large plants such as palm and corn plant to divide the space in your home. They can help you separate your living room from your dining room, or your dining room from your kitchen.

  1. You can put the focus on plants.

Plants can be used as a brilliant focal point on your homes. You can put them on tabletops, side tables, or even your dining table. There are also people who put herbs as a decoration in their kitchen, making it more lively while having an ingredient within reach. You can use greenery such as bird’s nest, rabbit’s foot fern, and blue star on your tables. And you can utilize lemon balm, chives, and mint in your kitchen.

  1. You can utilize plants to fill the empty corners of your home.

You can flank tall vegetation on the sides of your furniture, thus helping the eyes focus on the beauty of your entertainment centers or display shelves. It can also fill the empty corners with rich tones. You can use fiddle leaf ficus and money tree in the corner of any room.

  1. You can make a statement with your pots.

You can bring out the beauty of your plants by using beautiful containers. This is where your creativity can shine. Instead of putting your plants in inexpensive pots, dress them up with something old turned into something new.

You can use:

  • Old teapots
  • Old drinking cups
  • Old clean working boots

At The End Of The Day

It’s essential that you set aside time for reconnecting with your friends and family. Making your home inviting can help you nurture an enjoyable and safe environment. However, building a house can be easy, but turning it into a home is not. It’s easy to fill up spaces and furnish a room, but you sometimes forget to add certain things to make it look comfortable. Gladly, plants like Bellarine trees can significantly help you in doing this. Lush greenery can help you enhance the warmth of your home, thus making it more inviting while infusing colors of nature.





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