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What Are the Biggest Benefits of a Custom Mattress?


At first, it’s easy to write off a custom mattress as an unnecessary luxury. After all, doesn’t every mattress with adequate softness and comfort provide a good enough night’s sleep?

Well, yes and no. Just like tailored clothing provides a more personalised fit than something you can buy off the rack, a custom mattress can provide a personalised, precise level of comfort that even the best store-bought mattress will struggle to match.

By the way, you’ll spend a third of your life on top of your mattress — significantly more time than you’ll spend in most of your clothing. Below, we’ve listed the biggest benefits of sleeping on your own custom mattress, from extra comfort to a flawless, personalised and special fit.

Perfect thickness, support and firmness

When it comes to creating a comfortable sleeping environment, several different factors come into play.

The first factor is the firmness of your mattress. Everyone’s firmness preferences are different, with factors like your sleeping position (on your back, side of stomach) all affecting the level of firmness you prefer.

The second is thickness. Contrary to what most people believe, the thickness of your mattress is one of the most important factors in determining the level of support it will provide, especially if you’re tall or have a larger-than-average build.

When you buy a standard, pre-made mattress, you’re ultimately buying something that’s been designed for a mass audience. This means there’s a limited range of options for you to choose from in terms of firmness, thickness and overall support.

Remember, you’ll spend about a third of your life on your mattress. By opting for a customised mattress, you’ll be able to tailor the firmness and overall comfort level to your exact needs for a more refreshing, higher quality sleeping experience.

A size that perfectly matches your body and sleeping habits

No two bodies are the same, meaning a mattress that’s a perfect fit for someone else might not be suitable for you.

Mattresses tend to come in standardised sizes — something we’ve covered in more detail in our guide to common mattress sizes. While these offer a good fit for most people, they rarely offer a perfect fit for anyone.

With a custom mattress, you have total control over not just your mattress’s firmness and overall level of support, but also its dimensions. This means you can widen or lengthen it to match your body type and sleeping habits.

Like to stretch out? Add some width to your mattress, letting you spread your arms and legs as far as you’d like while you sleep. Taller than average? Add some extra length your mattress to provide a comfortable, supportive sleeping environment for your entire body.

A flawless fit for unique sleeping environments

Finally, custom mattresses are ideal for filling unique sleeping environments, such as bedrooms on boats, yachts and other vehicles. In these settings, space limitations mean that many regular mattresses simply can’t fit into the available space.

As specialists in custom mattress manufacturing, we’ve made countless mattresses for yachts and others vehicles. Instead of opting for a cheap foam mattress, using a custom mattress lets you enjoy an unmatched level of comfort, whether you’re at home or on the ocean.


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