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5 Wall Planter Designs for Your Garden Office


You’ve finally done it. You said goodbye to corporate life and to your busy commute, to traffic and overcrowded subways and set up an office at home. Not just that, but your little working nook is situated in your backyard, where you can break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on the work you love so much. So to help you get even more in the mood, here are five unique wall planter designs for your garden office that will make decorating it a piece of cake!

1.      Suspended jellyfish planters

Of course, you can always buy these, but where’s the fun in that? DIY this idea with your partner or your whole family to maximise the fun! It’s super simple. All you need are a few sea urchin shells. Buy them at an arts and crafts store or collect them yourself the next time you go to the beach.

Fill them with earth from your garden and a little compost and plant fresh green grass inside. The trick is to hang them upside down from the ceiling. That way, when the blades of grass grow, they will look like jellyfish hanging in midair! The style is perfect both for a modern and a classic garden office.

2.      Animal shaped wall planters

These wall planter designs are, in fact, a brand new take on the more classic vertical gardens. Of course, you don’t have space for one of those in your garden office, but it would be nice to add a touch of green inside as well. It would be like a continuation of the garden outside.

They are basically wooden boards between which you plant succulents. The artistic side of this little project is cutting animal shapes into the surface board and giving the succulents space to develop there. So you can try an elephant shape, for example, with a bed made of moss and a body made of succulents and cacti.

3.      Suspended mini terrariums

You can actually buy ready-made kits for this mini terrariums. But, if you’re a DIY type of person, go ahead and build them yourself! You will need a set of small terrariums with a ventilation on one side. They look like transparent Christmas baubles, so you can’t miss them!

Add a bit of earth, compost, the succulents, and a few pebbles that are more aesthetically pleasing and go with the atmosphere of your garden office. The great thing about these mini terrariums is that they look amazing and are super low maintenance. One spritz of air fertiliser and they can live for years!

4.      Wine bottle planters

The name says it all when it comes to these wall planter designs. Yes, they are actually wall planters that you can make out of recycled wine bottles. So, next time you have a party or a romantic dinner with your partner, don’t throw away the wine bottles. In fact, the prettier they are, the better!

But be prepared because you will have to put a little more work into this DIY project. In other words, this one will require you to actually cut off the bottom of every bottle you use. Therefore, if you think this is not something you can do at home for safety reasons, find a local craftsman who can help you.

Once that part’s over, you can fill them with soil and secure the bottom with wire because you will need to hang them from the ceiling. Add a few seeds in each. You can plant ivy, long grass or even hanging decorative flowers.

This idea is very simple but incredibly beautiful at the same time. It just goes to show how even the simplest wall planter designs can make your garden office feel like the south of Italy.

5.      Repurposed shovels

This is a fantastic idea that will truly perpetuate the spirit of having an office in a garden. Plus, the wall planters themselves are made of repurposed tools, which means you will be eco-friendly and save a ton of money.

We’re talking about wall planters made of old shovels. How? Nothing simpler. The first thing you need to do is cut down the shovel’s handle and make it as short as a wall decoration should be from an aesthetic point of view. Then bring it back to life with a fresh coat of paint and some lacquer that will really make it shine.

Then simply add a metallic ring around the handle. You can glue it or bolt it in. That’s where your ceramic bowls will go. When you’re done, mount several shovels on the wall in a row and place bowls of flowers in them.

Decorating your garden office should be a reflection of your personality, your creativity, and of the things that inspire you most. That’s why you got a personal working space in the first place! And these wall planter designs are just as unique as you are!


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