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Could a Home Elevator be Your Next Improvement?


Home lifts are popular among homeowners for a variety of reasons. Older people don’t have to navigate staircases and parents no longer have to worry about youngsters falling down the stairs. While the convenience of home lifts are certainly a plus for homeowners, it’s also why architects love domestic lifts according to the Home Lifts Experts. If you never imagined one could be possible, here are a few reasons why a home elevator could be the next improvement to your design.

Save on Space

At the top of most likely list of reasons for preferring home lifts is the space-saving feature. Not only do in-home lifts take up much less space than stairs, but a lift can be installed on the exterior of a house to free up even more of the interior area.

Easy to Use

Home designers pay close attention to “ease-of-use” issues as well as concepts like functionality, cost and aesthetics. Home lifts score big with architects for their ability to make the multiple levels of home perfectly accessible. Whether elderly, physically challenged, injured or too tired to climb stairs, home occupants who use domestic lifts enjoy total mobility.


In home design, the overall look of a structure, inside and out, is important. Lifts add a unique, simplified air of sophistication and beauty to any interior space they occupy. Even older homes can find lifts that match the classic look of aged wood and yesteryear design elements.

Safety is Enhanced

In addition to looks, style, function and practicality of use, lifts add a significant amount of safety and security to offices and homes. Not only do domestic lifts help prevent accidents among young children and the elderly, they’re a good way to prevent a little child or mentally-challenged family member from moving about. It’s a well-known fact that people who suffer from dementia have a tendency to wander off. A home lift can be secured in such a way that it prevents such a person from accessing the first floor of the home.

Property Value Increases

The presence of a home lift device can have a powerful effect on property value. Consumers in the market for a new house will often face a choice among perhaps a half-dozen virtually identical structures. All it takes to differentiate a house is one unique item. In those cases, a home lift not only boost property value but allows for a quick sale of a property when necessary.

Can be Installed in Any Home

Even small homes can easily accommodate a domestic lift. Architects and interior designers know well the value of saving space, and smaller homes can often benefit most by installing a lift. When space is at a premium, every extra square-foot count, and a domestic lift readily yields free space where it’s most needed, in small houses.

There are Multiple Styles

People who design interior space for a living appreciate options. One of the nice things about domestic lifts is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles. This is a big plus for anyone who faces design decisions.


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