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Easy Ways to Quickly Paint a Fence or Shed


Wooden fences and sheds are a beautiful addition to your garden. However, over time, the paint will chip and fade away. To keep the wood looking pristine, you’ll need to add a fresh coat of paint.

If you don’t know how to install and paint a fence, you can hire a professional like Timber Ridge Fence Company or keep reading to learn how you can tackle this DIY project on your own.

Prepare the wood

Before you open the first can of paint, you need to clean and prepare the wood. This will help the colour go on smoothly, and it will also make the paint last longer. Use a stiff brush to remove any stuck-on dirt or cobwebs. If you notice any rough patches, you’ll need to sand them down. You may choose to use a power sander if you’re preparing a large area. Once the wood is clean and smooth, you can move on to the next step.

Timing is key

Never paint on a damp, humid day. The paint will take forever to dry. But you also should avoid painting when it’s exceptionally hot. Although the paint will dry quickly, it may dry out before it properly penetrates the wood. Windy days are also to be avoided.

Protect yourself

Always make sure to take the necessary precautions before painting. Safety goggles are a must. If you’re spraying wood preservative, you should also wear a mask to prevent inhalation.

Protect the surroundings

Anything you don’t want painted needs to be protected with a tarp. This includes outdoor furniture, walls, and vegetation. Move small items to another location temporarily. Lay a plastic dust sheet on the floor. You should also cover metal fittings and window panes with newspaper and masking tape. Make sure you leave plenty of room to move around.

Paint the first coat

Most fences and sheds can be painted with a roller and brush. Make sure to mix the paint colour well before applying the first coat. Pour a layer of paint into a tray and apply a thin layer to the paint roller. Using long, even strokes, begin to roll on the first coat.

A paint brush will help you reach smaller, more detailed areas. Dip the brush into the paint. Wipe the brush on the side of the paint can to remove any excess. Always paint back and forth in the same direction to avoid streaks.

Add a second coat

Anyone who knows how to paint a fence will tell you that you need at least two coats. Once the first coat is completely dry, add the next. Follow the same steps as above to achieve a flawless application.

Consider a paint sprayer

Many homeowners prefer to use a paint sprayer. This device is especially helpful if you are painting a large surface. Always paint in the direction of the wood grain. Never paint too long in a single section, or else you may end up with uneven patches. Painting a shed or fence can be completed in a single weekend. Even if you don’t know how to paint a fence, following these instructions will make sure you get high-quality results.


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