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Advice For Buying Blinds 101



Thinking of giving your home a new facelift by redecorating your interior? Or perhaps you are moving into a new home altogether? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to designing your home’s interiors, window coverings should not be neglected. For those who have never experimented with blinds should really try their hands at it. A well-chosen blind is sure to be a great touch to a room’s overall aesthetic. From Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds to classic white blinds, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. 

Looking for additional texture and coziness for your living room? Throw on some tactile roman blinds. Lacking some color in your kitchen? Smart roller blinds will do the trick. Not a fan of piercing sun rays? You will definitely appreciate the amazing sun coverage of the Venetians for the room. Generally, most blinds will work well and accomplish their function across numerous rooms. However, with careful planning and time spent in coordinating blinds and the specific function of each room, you can really elevate the quality of living in your home.

Considerations Before Buying Blinds

Having an aesthetically pleasing blind is great, but if it fails to do its intended job then there’s no point in that. Think about the purpose of the room; if it is the baby nursery where the child spends most of its time sleeping, then you want to make sunlight block out for the best sleeping environment. Blinds with blackout coating work exceptionally well. If you live in a region with harsh winters, consider installing a pleated blind with thermal properties to tide you through the cold days. Sheer blinds are great to thin out the intensity of the sunlight while slatted blinds give you some control over the light you allow to stream into the room.

One should also take into account whether the selected blinds are to be fitted within or outside the window recess as there are different considerations to ponder over in fitting the blinds outside. Most importantly, ensure that there is at a minimum—a 45 mm overlap at the sides and bottom to prevent lights from seeping through the edges—something many new homeowners overlook. When ordering blinds, it is good practice to double-check and measure the area you wish to cover. Use the correct apparatus—metal tape and try your best to be as precise as possible. This applies to both blinds fitted within and outside the window recess. If you don’t trust yourself, you can always pay the contractors or the blind company to do this job for you as an alternative.

Motorized blinds that can be controlled remotely by a wall switch or through an app on your phones or tablet are becoming quite the rage recently as with the trend of smart homes. Some bring the concept of automation to a whole new level with the capability to close and open on their own according to the daylight levels. We are truly living in the golden era of technological advancements.

Yellow Blinds

Roller Blinds

These blinds are simple and fun with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and designs that one can choose from. Additionally, roller blinds come in multiple shade options from sheer to blackout—meaning that there’s definitely a combination that is sure to meet all your interior needs and demands. 

Roller blinds are the more affordable option on this list. Homeowners can definitely go for ready-made roller blinds that are unlikely to burn their pockets. Alternatively, a made to measure blind is the best option for those who want a perfect fit instead.  

Homeowners can also opt for a double-blind. The combination of a sheer fabric behind a blackout one doubles as a daytime and nighttime shade, which the homeowner can toggle and enjoy the best of what both shade options can offer. For those who value their privacy can get a bottom-up blind or a half and half-blind of translucent mesh above solid fabric. Both of these are sure to keep prying eyes away from you.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are great for its light and privacy control it gives its homeowner by tilting and adjusting the slats.  

Wooden Venetian blinds have always been a popular choice for its rustic and subdued look that makes it suitable for a range of aesthetics. It also comes with different finishes—natural, painted and stained. Pair any of these finishes with wide slats for a classic contemporary touch to the room.

Aluminum blinds are the preferred choice for minimalists thanks to its slim slats but often the top blind pick by the general public when it comes to covering the bath and shower rooms. This is no doubt due to its resistance towards moisture, which would be damaging for blinds of other material.

Can’t decide on either? Why not consider faux wood or wood-effect blinds? These blinds are made from aluminum but look exactly like wood on the outside. 

Pleated Blinds

Somewhat similar to roller blinds, but they generally are sheerer and hence softer in appearance.

Double pleated blinds are great to keep the cold away, making them great for bathrooms. In fact, some pleated blinds can be lowered from the top and raised from the bottom, which allows you to get some privacy but also enjoy the nice scenery outside while you take a relaxing bath.

Roman Blinds

These blinds instantly whizz your mind away to the much anticipated coastal holiday with its laidback and beach vibes. When drawn up, the blinds fold into large, soft pleats, which is a cozy and welcoming visual. Consider installing against contrasting borders for a more dramatic effect.

Scandi Style Roll-up Blinds

Fancy the Scandinavian look? Look no more. These blinds are going to fit right up your alley. These blinds are simple but one can roll them up into a tight, neat roll for the cozy, lived-in look. Choose a contrasting fabric for the back of the blind for the perfect look of a Scandi room when you roll the blinds up. 


Panel Blind

Another popular choice among minimalists which is essentially a hybrid of a curtain and blind is the panel blind. Great for homes with tall and broad windows and they really bring out a contemporary feel when paired with simple furnishing.


There are countless blinds offerings in the market for all your window covering needs. Whatever you choose, make sure you do your due diligence in ensuring the dimensions to be covered. Lastly, it is recommended that you make your blind choices considering both functionality and aesthetics.


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