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All You Need To Know About Choosing A Sink For Your Bathroom



If you’re renovating your bathroom, one usual renovation you’d be doing is getting a new sink. It might seem like choosing a sink for your bathroom is pretty simple. You just need to find one that you like and get it installed right? However, that’s not always the case. There is much more complication to choosing a new bathroom sink then you’d think. And, that’s why we put together this short guide to help you with choosing a new sink for your bathroom. You might even be thinking: what is a bathoom suite? And choosing the right sink will certainly help you achieve that. 

What Considerations Are There To Choosing A New Sink? 

Firstly, it depends on how much renovation you are doing to your bathroom. If you are just looking to change your sink, you might have more constraints. This is because you would have to get a similar style of sink to suit your current setup. You’d need to think about whether your faucet matches your new sink and if you’re willing to get a new one if it doesn’t. Additionally, the way your sink is installed will make a huge difference in the type of sink you can get too! You’d have to get one with similar installation and configuration if you’re aren’t planning a big renovation of everything. 

Aside from that, there are also new innovations when it comes to sinks that you might want to consider. For example, there are new sinks with surface finish treatment technologies that make it easier for sinks to be cleaned. This would be more sanitary and maybe something you’d like to consider. These sinks may have an ionized barrier, as is the case of Toto sinks, and this barrier prevents particles from staying on the surface. This would mean less scrubbing for you! 

Lastly, certain sink types will also need extra considerations and thoughts. If you’re getting a vessel sink, you should remember that such sinks are higher and deeper, and therefore, you’d need a faucet that’s taller or wall-mounted. In these cases, you’d also have to think about the faucet handle and whether or not you’d be able to access it easily. It could be tempting to get an artisan sink. They are simply beautiful and can do much to spice up your bathroom decor. However, you should be careful about the material of these sinks and whether or not they are hardy enough for daily use. If you are getting a glass sink, be sure to check if the sink is made out of tempered glass for safety. If you have young children, you might want to not get an artisan sink for their bathrooms. Artisan sinks are usually more delicate and hence, you might want to stick to something more conventional for children. 

What Are The Different Types of Sinks? 

There are various types of sink and they can differ in terms of their installation, configuration, and material. This would all play a role in you choosing a sink, 

Installation Types 

  1. Wall Mounted Sinks 

As the name suggests, wall-mounted sinks are ones that are stuck to the wall. These sinks are usually best for smaller bathrooms as they leave space beneath it. This will also give the room an appearance of more space. These sinks have their pipes and plumbing exposed but a decorative cover can be used to cover it up. 

  1. Pedestal Bathroom Sinks 

These sinks are kind of similar to wall-mounted ones, however, instead of having a drain pipe underneath it, there’s a pedestal. This is also useful for smaller bathrooms as they increase the amount of space available. However, there is no storage space with these sinks and you’d have to build shelves or cupboards if you want some. 

  1. Top Mount Sinks 

These sinks are also known as self-rimming or drop-in sinks. And they are essentially sinks that are placed in a cutout of your vanity top. They are then secured by the rim of the sink. These sinks will, of course, require a vanity. 

  1. Undermount Sinks 

These sinks are like top mount sinks but they are mounted underneath the vanity for a continuous, smooth vanity top. 

  1. Console Bathroom Sink 

These sinks are more similar to those that are wall-mounted. The only difference is that it has legs to support it at the front of the sink. Aside from that, there are also some slight variations on this sink type. 

  1. Vessel Sink 

Lastly, the vessel sink is a free-standing sink. It is placed directly on top of your vanity and essentially is like a bowl on the top of your sink. Sometimes, the top of your vanity may be slightly convexed for the vessel sink to fit into it too. These are a sink type with many different design variations and can be a great way to add decor to your toilet.

Configuration Types 

For configuration type, tit mainly refers to how your faucet will go along with the sink. If you’re getting a vessel sink, for example, you would need a wall-mounted or taller faucet. Essentially, you’d need to find a configuration that makes using the sink easy. 


Lastly, there are many different materials available for sinks and this depends on what kind of look you are going for. You could get cast iron, porcelain, glass, metal, stone, wood, or concrete sinks. These all bring about a different look to your bathroom. The other factor that might decide which material you would get is how durable and lasting you want your sink to be. Porcelain sinks are one of the most basic types of sink and they last fairly long. There is no worry about porcelain rotting or rusting. The only worry would be if you accidentally hit and break your sink. Being the most common, this sink material would usually be the cheapest too. If you are thinking of getting a wooden sink, be sure to ensure that the sink is waterproofed and find out how long it can last. 


A sink can bring about a great change to your bathroom’s look. If you’re looking to jazz up your bathroom, you might want to go for something fancier. At the end of the day, however, you must balance your desire for design with functionality and durability. With this guide, we hope you will be able to better choose your next sink.


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