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So you have worked hard for several years and saved up enough money to move into a better apartment or home or perhaps you are, moving in with a partner in a new house- a better home. Considering that a home is the place we will spend most of our time in this lifetime, comfort is the first bell that rings in most people’s minds. But what is comfort without safety? There is no joy drawing momentary comfort punctuated by accidents that may end up hurting residents of the households. Here are six tips of improving your home comfort and safety brought to you by Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes.

  1. Light up your house the enlightened way

A home that has only one general lighting is not comfortable or any fun. Lighting varies with different places in the house. The lighting in the kitchen is different from the one in the garage or the living room. Lighting illuminates wall pieces and walls bringing out the aesthetic beauty of the house. But beauty is not the only benefit to draw from this home improvement tip. With appropriate lighting in the staircase and corridoes no one will stumble or hit themselves against equipment in the house. In addition, you won’t be stressing your eyes with bright constant light call it optical safety.

  1. Get that home humidifier

With the change in climate dry seasons are getting longer by the year. Dry air around the house makes living simply unbearable. Installing a home humidifier in your house is the answer to comfortable breathing during such times. Air is given freely so might as well enjoy it the best way we can. Besides, dry air affects your skin and prompts allergies or breathing complications such as asthma. A home humidifier will enable comfortable breathing as well as help you prevent such discomforting health issues.

  1. Choose the best recliner for back pain

Sitting all day in an office chair is too tiring. Perhaps the reason for your back pain. Get your home a recliner that will help you forget your back troubles. A recliner will vary depending on the nature of your back pains. You can get lifting recliners or ones with separate Ottomans or a massaging one. With a recliner, you get to have your lumbar region massaged or relaxed making your spine and muscles around that region healthier

  1. Keep warm with smart thermostats

Technology has been benevolent enough to give us smart devices that help regulate the temperature around the house. Forget the manual thermostats that require constant switching off and operation for sought after comfort to be achieved. Smart thermostats live up to their ‘smart’ tag. They not only detect the temperature around the house for regulation but also store that information so that in future you do not have to go set the smart thermostat yourself. No more catching colds due to lack of warmth. Stay healthy with a smart thermostat.

  1. Caulk up your house

Insulate your house the right way. Usually overlooked, home insulation is a fundamental part of comfort to your home. Locking up air inlets in and out of your house is a smart way of controlling what air circulation around the house. Using a caulking tube, seal the air gaps at the windows, baseboards and vents among other places. Caulking up ensures you take in the air you wish to and also prevent unclean or irritating air from the outside.

  1. Flooring on point

No one ever wants to wake up and feel hard floors press against their heels. Pick out a flooring system that makes you feel good- hard wood or tiles, get one that makes walking in the house a ‘walk in the park’. To improve it up, have pretty carpets and rags for major rooms that will break up the hard and cold floor. Also install a heating system that warms the house from the floor up to bodies around the house, yours included. A warm floor will ensure you are free of illnesses and scratches from hard areas.

Houses are our islands away from the outside world. Style up your home to get a more comfy feel and a safer environment.


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