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Keeping Houseplants Alive


When you have your own home whether it’s rented or your own place, it’s always nice to take pride in how it looks and feels; the home will appear more comfortable and inviting to you and any visitors. There are so many interior and exterior projects that you could be constantly doing in order to make the place look better but it can be really overwhelming to try and get them done both in terms of effort and expense. That’s why it’s so easy and nice to buy something like a pretty houseplant and place it in your home because it adds instant appeal and interest. There are so many indoor plants to choose from but it’s best to put in some research time to find one that will suit your needs and that you’ll realistically be able to care for in order for it to flourish and prosper. Like anything, it’s best to take baby steps and not to go out and buy loads of plants all at once. It will be difficult to understand the individual plant’s needs because they might all have differing requirements in terms of light, soil, water and so on.

Climate and the warmth of your home and location will also come into play so there can be lots to consider. It can be worth investing in an indoor led grow light. There are of course many professionals that you can discuss this with in garden centres and home/garden stores all over the country but it’s nice to be able to arm yourself with the knowledge too.

The people at EZ Living have put together this nice infographic below which details how you can choose nice plants for your home and also crucially it segments different areas of the home and crucially it indicates the specific care that each plant will need. Make your home a horticulture haven very easily by just reading through this graphic guide below!


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