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4 reasons to restore original sash windows


Sash window restoration and repair is a far better option than replacement in almost all cases where a property is period and has both charm and character. London property for example, will almost always benefit from restoration and draught proofing as a significant portion of all building was carried out around 120 years ago when sash windows were the standard for any home, both modest and luxurious. It’s important to understand the property market, and people really do want original features and are willing to pay a premium for them. With sash windows there is now the option to restore and make good original windows without the need to completely replace. The benefits don’t just stop at retaining property charm, serious money can be saved as well as incredible upgrades can be made to match near on replacement double glazed sash window performance, for just a fraction of the cost.

Retain the original character

There’s nothing quite as damaging to a period Victorian property that has nasty UPVC or secondary glazing installed. It completely ruins the authenticity of an original property and in almost all cases, will now result in potential buyers looking to discount your property for not having the original windows in place. This can be a serious problem for many homes as a complete replacement programme in a modest ten window home will now set you back a whopping £20,000. By contrast, a sash window restoration program of restoration and decoration might only be £5000 and that will include a quality draught proofing system as well.

If your windows are in poor condition you shouldn’t be put off by the idea of making good. There are literally hundreds of sash window companies up and down the country with a large number of them located in London, the sash window restoration hotspot of the world, all specialising in sash window repair and restoration.

Repair costs less than replacement

We touched on the subject of repair and replacement prices already but let’s delve a little deeper at a few more examples. We already know a property will cost £20,000 if it has a ten window setup. In some cases a property might only need a quality overhaul and draught proofing system installed. This would only cost in the region of £2500 and the difference in room temperature can be significant. This leaves the question are brand new double glazed sash windows worth the money? The amount of money you can save with draught proofing is varies on the condition and gaps of the windows. However, it’s a well known fact that a quality draught proofing system will reduce your household bills by as much as £25 per window on average. What with a draught proofing system lasting in the region of 15 years you’ll actually get all your money back as well as a working window, and a more comfortable home, and if this isn’t enough of an incentive for sash window repair there’s even more upgrades that can be made to achieve near new window performance.

Improve saleability of your home through sash window repair

When a prospective buyer walks up to your property, one of the first things they will look at is the sash windows and doors. If your sash windows and doors have been nicely restored it’ll set the right tone for the rest of the property. If you require sash window restoration and the decoration is lacking then rest assured people will wonder what else needs fixing. Sash windows that are neatly decorated and restored can look sensational and will certainly enhance your overall prospects of a quick sale at desired asking price.

You can even have double glazed units installed into the original sash so no need to replace

 One of the best things about original sash windows is they can now be double glazed and draught proofed. If a sash window is more than 38mm in depth a quality low-e Pilkington double glazed unit can be installed that carries a ten year guarantee. While the U-value won’t match a new window, in practical terms heating will be very similar performance, with sound proofing not that far behind either. London Sash Window Repairs Ltd specialise in sash window restoration and double glazing original sash windows. The service is extremely popular given the fact it costs half of replacement with similar efficiency results. They also offer sash window draught proofing as part of a restoration service and this is normally included within the double glazing price.


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