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9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Bedroom


After a while with the same sheets, the same bedspread, and the same accents, your bedroom might begin to feel a little drab. Improving your bedroom and adding some new life back into it may seem like too much work though when you just want to collapse into bed.

It doesn’t have to take more than a weekend though. If you’re looking to improve your bedroom without tiring yourself out or breaking the bank, check out these 9 easy ways you can ensure that your style isn’t what puts you to sleep. 

Add Some Colour

Painting can sometimes be a pain, but it’s a quick and easy fix for any neutral-coloured bedroom. Add a couple bursts of colours to your walls, even if you only paint one wall or add in some coloured accents. Just pick a couple of colours that you love, and then use these as a part of your bedding, accents, and artwork too.

You may even think about painting the ceiling. Do be sure that you’re careful when you do this, but painting the ceiling the same colours as your wall, or a different accent colour, can add a lot to your room. If you do choose to paint it all the same colour, your room will feel smaller and warmer. Make your room feel bigger by using a different colour than the walls.

Switch Colours

For colour in your room, you don’t even need to use paint. Instead, go and grab a few accent pillows to shift the personality of your room. They can add colour, volume, pattern, and a pop of personality without much effort at all.

You can do the same thing with your sheets and bedspread. Customise your own by visiting GoodandBed, picking out your colours and style while upgrading your comfort with soft cotton.

Add Patterns and Texture

Grab a stencil or some extra wallpaper and give yourself an accent wall. You don’t need to section the whole wall either, but something simple like a design will call attention to your room without the expense of wallpapering or the time spent stencilling a whole wall.

Texture goes a long way visually too. Touch is a huge part of your comfort. Having something soft beneath you in the form of sheets or pillows can make you feel comfortable quickly. Switch out the texture depending on the season too, with something furry in the winter and cotton in the summer.

Clean Up

One of the best things you can do is to clean up your room a little. You’ll be amazed at the difference some cleaning makes, so start with your clothing. Let’s face it: we all have clothes that we keep anyway but don’t wear anymore. Instead of keeping those clothes thinking that you’ll wear it someday, pull the old outfits out of the closet, gather them up, and get rid of them.


Move from your closet and head on over to your dresser. Input an organisation system into your dresser to make your mornings go by more smoothly, without you needing to root around for what you need before you go to work or school.

While you’re at it, you can also organise your nightstand. Think about if you really need that stack of books sitting there, or if there’s a better place for all those hairpins. Store the books you’re not reading right now and use a cup to store the pins. This won’t only clear up some space but will make your nightly routine faster and more organised.

Personalised Artwork

Do you have any photographs of family or friends, or maybe a pet? Even if you don’t, maybe you’re good at drawing designs, or you have an old painting you’ve never hung. One of the best ways to add life back into your room is to surround yourself with things that you love and use them to define your style. Try out multiple ways to put your artwork up, and make it fun! Cut shapes from paper, draw some designs and make your room pop.


You don’t necessarily need to focus on overhead lighting for the bedroom. Take a look at bedside lamps and accent lights instead. It’s easy to pick out a cute little colourful lamp and switch out the light for a warmer glow before you go to bed.

Move the Furniture

You may need some help moving your bed, but if you have some sliders to put underneath your bed frame, you can scoot your bed to a new place in the room. Try angling it from the corner, or just trying a new location to spice things up.

Let the Light In

It’s amazing how much of a difference curtains and window coverings can make. Take down your current ones and replace them with a new colour or texture, or even extend them to more fully block out the light in the morning. Even small tweaks like this can make a big difference in your bedroom.


Instead of coming home to the same drab bedroom every night, spice up your bedroom with a few simple fixes. Take your weekend to throw in a few pillows, add a pop of colour, or even just move your furniture around. With these 9 easy ways to improve your bedroom, you can show your style without spending too much money or time, so go get started!


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