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5 Unique Ways to Make Your Room Look Interesting


Today, we’re talking about how to spruce up your room to make it a little more eye-catching, whether it’s for resale value, a space for guests, or just a spot for yourself.

Now, usually when we’re talking about room renovation, some folks run for the hills. But don’t worry. There are plenty of not-so labor intensive ways to add some interest in your room of choice. You can take a closer look at some of those methods below.


Art is an easy way to transform the look of a room, but to make a real difference in the look of a room, you’ll need to do a bit more than hanging a print or two on the wall.

Photographs are a staple around your home, but consider finding photos of subjects other than your family. Whether it’s models, candids, portraits, or objects, putting together a wall full of different photographs that can serve as conversation starters, or just a dynamic backdrop.

Or, you could choose one piece you really love and make it a statement. You could blow up your favorite painting to occupy a large wall space or find a graphic tapestry to hang on the wall.

Another growing trend is finding a neon sign that matches your mood. Whether it’s your favorite quote, or your favorite logo, someone out there can probably make your message come to light.

But let’s say you can’t decide on a print or style you like…

If it comes right down to it, you could scrap hanging art altogether and make one of your room’s walls a chalkboard wall, and give whoever spends time in there the chance to make the art themselves!


A few unique additions could also change the look and feel of your space. Even something as simple as new throw pillows or bed cushions can give a room a major upgrade. Don’t be afraid to mix prints, colors, and sizes to create a point of interest.

Speaking of prints, you could create an accent print of sorts, using it sparingly around your room among different accessories like lamp shades or curtains to create a cohesive design. A more theatrical curtain could also serve as an element of drama in your room.

Mirrors also make your space feel larger, and play off the sunlight at most hours of the day, giving your space an air of levity and brightness.

Another popular piece that stands out in a bedroom is a canopy. This doesn’t have to look like  a little girl’s princess bed, or like a mosquito net in the wilderness. Modern canopies can have structure and shape, utilizing materials like wood and metal instead of gauzy fabrics.


But some fabrics are good in helping create a cozy environment for you or your guests. Layering your bedding allows you added cushion and comfort while giving you another visual element in your space.

Taking advantage of different textures can give your room a sense of maturity as well. And that can apply to bedding, rugs, pillows, even window treatments!


Once you find a style of furniture and finishes you like, make sure you’re decorating with consistency. If you like clean, modern lines and crisp, sharp corners, make sure you choose pieces that reflect that. Or if you’re looking for a more feminine, softer feel, make sure that silhouette is echoed throughout the room.

You could even go as far as to consider a theme for your room. While this may seem like a childish idea, depending on what you land on, it could make for a calming, perfectly cohesive space.

Also keep scale in mind, make sure the items you choose to add are appropriate for the size of the room you’re decorating and your existing furniture. For example, if you have the room for a large California King bed with a dramatic headboard, you would likely want to find a larger light fixture.

Bring the Outdoors In

Regardless of your home’s layout, or your room’s window views, you can bring an element of nature into your space.

Using natural material like raffia, woven rope, or driftwood, sea shells, or sea glass, can breath new life into an indoor area. But be sure not to make things look to nautical or artificial if you can help it.

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony attached to your room, consider treating them as a cohesive space, utilizing the same prints or styles across both spaces. That way, one flows effortlessly into the other and creates a suite-like experience.

And whether you have them in a vase or filling a windowsill, flower arrangements can be a refreshing and luxurious addition to your room. They bring beauty and brightness to a space, which is especially valuable during seasons when the weather is anything but beautiful.

You could keep them on your nightstand or vanity, or on your shelves or dresser, event standing up some succulents in picture boxes could make for an intriguing decorative touch.


Of course this only scratches the surface of all the design suggestions you could follow to make your room look a little more interesting and appealing. Don’t let the Joanna Gaines-es of the world intimidate you; a stroke of design genius is within your reach!


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