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How to make your home more comfortable


Your home is your sanctuary, even if it doesn’t always feel like that. If you’re just not comfortable when you get home, your sanctuary can feel more like a stressor. So if your goal is to make your home more comfortable so that when you finally get home you can just relax, you need these tips on making your home the perfect fit.

Make your home easy to navigate

Furniture isn’t always the easiest thing to arrange, especially if you’ve moved into your current floor plan with furniture from your last. Or perhaps you’ve never given much thought to the layout of your furniture as it relates to your walking patterns. While it might not seem like  a big deal to have to shuffle around a table to reach something, it’s anything but convenient.

By paying attention to the areas you move around the most, you can see where you want more ample space to move through. Simple adjustments can make a big difference in your comfort level, just by making your life a little easier.

Get a good HVAC system on your side

The temperature we’re in can make a huge difference in how we feel, how active we are, and how well we sleep. If your summers are sweltering inside as it is outside, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it is to sleep soundly.

Likewise if you spend your winter shivering because of an old, inefficient HVAC system, you can bet you’re not comfortable in your own home. One of the most effective ways to make your home more comfortable is by keeping the temperature where you like it.

While there are a lot of DIY type installs for heating and cooling systems, it’s important to get a professional installation. Because these are intricate systems, they require a level of expertise to do it correctly. Not only that, a single, simple error can make an attempt at better ambience a huge disaster. Always check that your installer has proper licensing.

Make your home your own

A lot of people these days go all out on their room design, and end up neglecting the personal touches that make a house into a home. Even if you’re strict about your look, there’s always a way to add a little more of yourself into your home. A curated display of photographs and portraits is a great way to make your home more “homey” but you can add personal touches in a ton of ways.

Doing a little DIY decor around your home will instantly warm up the atmosphere, and give it something no other place has. You can also decorate with souvenirs, quirky trinkets, or anything else that says “home” to you.

Ditch clutter and gain clarity

Life is messy, and unfortunately that mess often translates into unwanted piles of clutter around the home. Unfinished projects, stacks of laundry, junk mail or bills, bits of scrap and trash, little reminders, and so much more go into this category. Sometimes it can seem like it’s less stress to just set it aside (whatever your ‘it’ is), but ultimately it turns into a sort of snowball rolling downhill.

When you go into your home only to be greeted by piles of clutter, it’s not inviting, and it can subconsciously make it difficult to focus or relax. Entering your home should be a relief, not just a different kind of stress than you have in your work day.

Take time each day to get rid of clutter, items you don’t need out, and find a spot for everything to belong. It’ll be easier to keep your home organised, which means you’ll be coming home to a comfortable place where you feel clear headed and unburdened.

Help your home be inviting to the senses

Your home should be the place where you can kick back and relax, literally. When you bring a little extra something that adds to the sensory facet of your home, you’ll find you’ve done yourself a huge favour.

Making your room schemes pleasing on the eyes is a good place to start, so choose a design that isn’t too over the top. Try to avoid enhancing sharp corners and lines by choosing softer colours that compliment each other.

Another thing to consider is the actual ‘feel’ of your surroundings. Not all of your furniture has to be soft or plushy, especially if you have a certain aesthetic in mind.

That said, make sure you at least have a selection of a few choice spots where you can really play up soft textures and cushioning. Keeping a throw blanket and some extra pillows ensuring you’ll be in perfect comfort.

Next, make sure your home smells welcoming to you. A light scent instantly puts you at ease, and can give you a pretty major mood boost too.


These 5 tips are your key to making your home more comfortable. When you make these small (or large!) changes in your home, you’ll find your sanctuary is a place you look forward to retiring to everyday.


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