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Quick tips for redecorating on a budget


Every now and then it’s natural to want to revamp the interior of your home. Whether you’re looking to go with the seasons, you’ve recently taken on the project of a run down property that needs a complete makeover https://www.readysteadysell.co.uk/do-you-buy-run-down-properties/, or you’re just ready for a complete change, there are cost effective ways of making your interior look brand new.

Thinking about colour

One of the quickest and most cost effective changes to give the room an instant lift is painting it, but choosing the colour scheme to suit it is vital. If you’ve got a small room, a lighter base colour on the walls will help to open up the room and make it more airy, and you can accentuate with furniture and accessories. Alternatively, if you have a big room and want to make it more cosy yet striking, a feature wall is ideal. Whether that be a patterned wallpaper or a brighter accent colour, it’ll help to liven up your room and be a good centre piece to work around. Consider the mood you want the room to be. For example, if it’s your living room you may want it warm and cosy, whereas you might prefer your bedroom to be cool and tranquil. These effects can be achieved by the colours you use alone.

Using the space and furniture that you have

Not everyone is in to feng shui, but the placement of your furniture can really transform a room. Using the space you have effectively is integral to how visually appealing your home is. If you have a larger room it’s easy to place more furniture inside of it, but even in a smaller room it’s important to let each

piece of furniture breathe so it doesn’t look cramped. You don’t need to buy all new things, look at what you already have, and think, can I rearrange this to make the room different? Chances are you probably can, and it’ll entirely transform the space.

If your sofa is looking tired (but is still comfy and serviceable), you do not, I repeat, do not need an entirely new sofa. A simple clean and hoover will have it looking and smelling fresher. On top of this, adding a throw and updating your cushion covers can give the impression of a newer sofa.

Do you have all light wood furniture and want to switch to dark wood? Don’t buy new units, sand and stain what you already have. This way you’re saving money and get to choose the exact shade of wood you want to best compliment your colour scheme.


Simply accessorising a room can breathe some life into it. Placing a mirror strategically can give the illusion of a bigger space, and it’s a lot more cost effective than buying new art. Not only this, but it will reflect the natural and fake lighting in the room making it appear brighter.

On the subject of light, who said fairy lights were just for Christmas? Twinkling lights in the window are cosy and pretty on summer and winter evenings alike, and are entirely inexpensive. More often than not they’re battery powered, so won’t drain your electricity either.

Is your vinyl floor/carpet looking a bit faded? Brighten it up with a centrepiece rug. Not only is it a great way to cover any unwanted marks your floor has acquired over the years, but will help to brighten the room too.

Bring the outside in. House plants are an easy way to embrace nature in your home, are inexpensive and if you look after them right, you’ll not need to replace them quickly.

Get Thrifty

Never be afraid to go second hand. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If the furniture you have is absolutely not salvageable, charity shops are a cheap alternative to buying everything brand new. Even if you can’t get exactly the colour or shade of wood you want, like mentioned before sanding and painting/staining furniture is cheap and easy.

And if you don’t want to go second hand, get creative. There are cheap alternatives to what you think you may need to buy new. Instead of going out and looking for a new book case, for example, invest in some floating shelves. Placing these strategically in the corner of a room and layering them on top of one another gives the overall library effect. Pop a comfy chair/beanbag, cushion and a lamp underneath and there you have it, a reading nook.

If you’re thinking about buying more effective storage, look at what you already have. Mason jars and the like are bang on trend, and make effective yet attractive storage jars. Furthermore, you don’t even need to go out and buy them. Do you frequently buy jam, preserves, or bathroom products that come in a jar? Clean and keep the jars and reuse them again for storage. Alternatively, buying them new also isn’t expensive.

Happy redecorating! May your home look wonderful, and your bank account not suffer.


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