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How To Hire A Housekeeper For The First Time


Hiring a housekeeper has its challenges, but there are also many great reasons to hire one. I know most people don’t like taking risks so here are some very important tips that you can use when hiring a housekeeper. Some companies offer this service but the challenge is that they are costly. If you want a housekeeper using your local means then you must ensure that you are bold enough to take the risk. To be on a safer side, then these tips will be very helpful for you when you want to hire a housekeeper for the first time.

Get referrals from family or friends

When someone has gone through a certain path, then they will have some information about it. When you ask them they will give you helpful information that concerns the housekeeping. Companies will make their advertisement look great but in detail, they vary greatly. If you have no idea about the best housekeeping service then you might end up falling to the wrong hands. Getting referrals from friends and even your family will be the best thing. This is because you will find varied information from these people. You will then conclude from the information you have gathered. This will enable you to have one of the best housekeeping services.

Get help from online sources

We know that the world has been made a global village due to technology. So getting assistance from the internet is not a bad idea. A friend of mine once said that if you want anything then visit the internet which is true to some extent. Searching online will help you highlight some of the best housekeeping companies for you. Furthermore, you can even get those within your locality. If your friends and relatives were able to give you the suggestions, will the online sources fail to? The good thing about the online sources is that you will get information that has been well researched by other people. You will also get to know the price of various companies’ charges for the housekeeping services.

Conduct an interview

When you have found potential housekeepers, it is best to conduct an interview. This will enable you to interact with potential housekeepers at a personal level. You will also get to know the experience each contender has. This will enable you to look for a potential housekeeper that will not disappoint you. An interview is a form that will help you to find the best housekeeper who will suit you. If you have never conducted one, you can seek help from a friend or even a close relative.

Hire a housekeeper for a trial period

This is not to mean you have settled for the housekeeper that qualified in the interview. Practical work is always good and so you should give the housekeeper a trial period. This will enable you to understand the housekeeper well. This also gives you the option to look for another housekeeper if the one on trial does not impress you. It is always great to offer a trial period rather than a formal agreement directly. This is to avoid issues with the housekeeper in the future.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

The trial period will give you the best out of the housekeeper that has qualified. This is the period that you will get to know how good is the housekeeper you have chosen. The reason is that the housekeeper will be giving the best to get the job. So if you are satisfied with the services then you can go ahead. You should also conduct tests and have your marking areas secretly. This will enable you to find the best housekeeper.

Make a formal offer

If the housekeeper passes your test and if she impresses you during the trial period, then it will be good for you to make a formal offer to her. You should agree with her and let her know what you expect from her. Discuss the price you will be paying her and harmonize her expectations with yours. This is always the best since you will be all working in a happy environment. Ensure that no one among the two of you feels exploited. This will be good for the two of you to agree on some terms and make it formal.

Make a contract

It is always good to offer her a contract after you have all reached an agreement. Make the contract official and ensure that the formalities involved in a contract are kept. This is always good for future purposes. Ensure that the contract is signed with the presence of your lawyer or at any office concerned with these services. This is for official purposes and also a guarantee to the housekeeper that you mean to keep your words.

Maintained good communication

Most people fail to do this when it comes to their housekeepers. Most people want to be bossy. You should not offend the housekeeper in any condition. Make them understand that you want the work to be done perfectly but not mistreating them. You should also understand them since it is not an easy task. I would suggest that you put yourself in their shoes rather than being demanding a lot. But I don’t mean that you should not tell the housekeeper what you expect from them. You should maintain an official relationship so that there is that employer and employee relationship. Do not go beyond that. This is good for you and also the housekeeper. Do not go beyond the boundaries. Be official when dealing with your housekeeper but it’s also good for them to know that you are concerned in case of any challenge.


Hiring a housekeeper for the first time is always difficult for very many people. But when you follow these tips, it will enable you to find the best housekeeper who will be responsible for everything in the house. Your first housekeeper can be best if you follow these tips correctly. Furthermore, having clear information that deals with something you want to do is always the best. It will enable you to walk in a path you know and not blindly.


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