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What is the Best Fabric for Sofa Upholstery?


Upholstery provides the best alternative method of freshening up your worn-out sofas and bringing a new style to your furniture. However, upholstery isn’t just the fabrics used on furniture, which is why you should select them carefully. When choosing the padding, strings, fabrics or any other soft covering of furniture you have to prioritize your needs and buy from upholsterers London that put practicality above everything else. The best fabric sofa upholstery is, therefore, the one that meets the following.

Falls within your budget

Upholsterers London has made the fabrics at different prices that you should also consider when buying one. Start by setting up a budget that you want to work with before you start looking for the upholstery. Your budget may limit some features such as the fabric colour and texture, but you should still have a large variety to select from.

Sofa use

Different types of fabrics can withstand different amounts of pressure which will amount from how frequently you use your sofa. For instance, if your sofa is in a common room where it is frequently used, then it will need a stronger fabric than a sofa that is placed in a quieter room like an office. If you have pets and little children who are likely to spill fluids on the sofa, then you will need a smooth fabric that can be cleaned easily. Smooth fabrics will also make it easier for you to remove pet fur and other debris from the furniture.

Fabrics like cotton are usually easier to clean, which makes them perfect for family areas. They don’t shrink when put in water and you can easily find a professional to clean them. Cotton is also easier to spot clean than most of the other fabrics. Having a removable fabric upholstery for your sofa can also help with cleaning.

Interior design

The kind of fabric you choose should give you the type of appearance you’re looking for in a room. If you want a bold room with furniture that capture the attention of your guests immediately, they walk into the room, then brighter fabric upholsteries will be perfect for you. However, it would help if you also remembered that brighter colours are harder to clean, and they show shots and stains easily. You can, therefore, choose softer colours like Grey or dark blue which look great and blend well with other colours but also hide stains well.

Another factor that is associated with interior design is whether you prefer patterned or plain fabric upholstery. You can use the size of your furniture to choose a pattern. A smaller sofa will look great with patterned fabric, whereas bigger furniture looks better with plain fabrics. A textured fabric will still bring an interesting feature to plain fabric, making them great for bigger sofas. On the other hand, patterns also hide spills and stains, especially when you choose full colours.


Any good upholsterer has can help you choose the best fabric upholstery for your furniture and space. You can easily find the right type of fabric for your unique and specific needs. Whether you prefer twill, linens, velvets or leather, London upholsterers can help you find it.


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