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Reasons to Use Recycled Aggregates for Your Next Project


The misconception about construction companies is that you have to always use natural aggregates, but this isn’t exactly true. If you don’t know what recycled aggregates are, these are crushed cement concrete or asphalt pavement that was used in building projects. These can be found among roads, runways, and parking lots. If you’re looking for ideas for your next project, using recycled aggregates could be the aspect you’re looking for to ensure you’re eco-friendly. Just because this is recycled aggregates, doesn’t mean that it no longer has any use. You can always recycle something and use it for the better good, such as using it in your next project. In this article, we’ll be discussing ways to use recycled aggregates for your next project.

1. Eco-friendly

One of the most obvious reasons to use recycled aggregates for your next project is that it’s eco-friendly. Using recycled aggregates reduces virgin-aggregates that are created. In return, old aggregates would be used more often instead of harming the environment by using natural resources. If you aren’t aware, a huge amount of construction waste is created during construction projects. Using recycled aggregates avoids sending them to landfill, which is specifically known to be bad for the environment.

2. You won’t compromise quality

Another great thing about recycled aggregates is that you don’t compromise on quality as well. They’re just as good as new ones- with just the same quality and grade. Studies have also shown that recycled aggregate has the same stability and reliability as natural aggregate. Of course, if you had the choice, why wouldn’t you choose the less expensive one with just the same quality?

3. Cheap

As mentioned above, recycled aggregates are much cheaper than natural ones. If you’re running a construction company, chances are you’re looking for ways to cut back on costs and expenses. Sticking to a budget is important and by using recycled aggregates, you don’t have to worry much about expenses. Recycled aggregates guarantee that you get the quality at a cheaper cost. In fact, one of the companies that prove this is aggregates suppliers Essex. They have abundant and cost-efficient recycled aggregates you can use for your next project.

4. Versatile

No matter what your project is, recycled aggregates can be used for a variety of functions. Whether you’re working on minor home improvement projects or large projects, you can use recycled aggregates for any function. Recycled aggregate isn’t meant for just one project and it’s known as a multifaceted material. Whether for road construction, fills for drainage, or noise barriers, recycled aggregates can be used.

In conclusion, these are 4 reasons to use recycled aggregates for your next project. As a construction company, the idea is to effectively cut costs while still maintaining the same quality regarding your projects. By using recycled aggregates, you do your part for the environment, while cutting costs and sticking to the budget of your company. In the end, using recycled aggregates for your projects is something you won’t end up regretting.


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